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Jill Hennessy’s 100,000 Vaccines Cover Up

The science isn’t clear. The silence is! By Bernie Smith. (TruthLibrary.info) The Victorian government has taken down the infamous digital copy of the 100,000 vaccines pamphlet from their website which claimed that a child’s immune system could manage 100,000 vaccines at once! You can read the previous article on this matter here. 100,000 vaccines would be close to 50 litres of […]

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The “A” Word – Part I – Who’s that Guy?

It’s been said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince people he didn’t exist. Regardless of whether you believe the devil exists, in principle it’s a pretty neat trick. Can’t fight an enemy you don’t recognise. Right now what is often called “the world’s most livable city” is the focal point […]

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Queensland avoids smart meter mandate. Or is it smart meters by stealth?

New discussion paper cites Victorian smart meter debacle, says advanced electricity meter roll out must be ‘customer-driven’. Read between the lines. By Don Maisch. EMFacts.com This is certainly a vast improvement, driven in part by the mess the Victorian smart meter rollout has created. However if Queenslanders think this is the end of the issue […]

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