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Jill Hennessy Lies Exposed

Originally Posted on The Truth Library. On Thursday 20th October at 8:32pm, The Herald Sun broke what would become front-page news: a story so important that it was covered by all the major TV networks and leading online news sites across the country. The article, titled: “Jill Hennessy gets abusive tweets from anti-vaccine campaigners”, discusses vaccine injury denialist […]

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BREAKING! Dreamworld Tragedy – Coverup Underway?

Could this tragedy have been avoided? What if the ride was supposed to have been closed today?  By General Maddox. Today was a very sad day and certainly not a day anyone could have dreamed up. Theme park goers often joke about being stuck on a roller coaster mid-loop. And sure, that has actually happened […]

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Vets Say No to Mandatory Hendra Vaccine Due To Adverse Reactions

By General Maddox. ( The Hendra virus has been a cause for concern since it was labeled as being responsible for the death of a dozen or more horses and a trainer in Brisbane in 1994. The Flying Fox or fruit bat has been blamed for passing the virus on to horses. Apparently due to […]

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