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1973: The Birth of Corporate Australia

1973 The Birth of Corporate Australia & The Death of the Commonwealth of Australia. By Jeremy Britton. ( The year was 1973: It was the the year that the US ceased its decade-long offensive in Vietnam. The year of the final moon landing. The US dollar devalued by 10% in a single day. The Watergate Scandal was […]

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Party Games – Interview with Kim Vuga

Still voting for major parties? Wondering why the status quo never changes? Perhaps it’s time to look at some of the minor parties gaining momentum.  By General Maddox. We recently caught up with Kim Vuga, the party leader of one of Australia’s growing minor parties. Kim is also the Queensland candidate for her Love Australia […]

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Panama Papers

The Panama Papers: The Bigger Picture

By Brightspark NewsMediaTruth I could be wrong. But the current global tax evasion drama has all the markings of a manufactured Problem-Reaction-Solution ‘scandal’ used to manipulate the public for geopolitical gain. Whilst I’m not questioning the quality of the investigation or the facts contained in the leaks, I certainly am questioning important aspects of the […]

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The Silencing of Climate Change Dissent

By Brightspark NewsMediaTruth PART I: A REFLECTION The politics of climate change hit me square in the face last week. BOOM! Right between the eyes. And I really wasn’t expecting it. I know that whenever I blog about climate change it makes people uncomfortable and defensive. It’s a given. All those good people truly believing they are doing […]

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