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How to ‘Kill’ a Birth Certificate, by Jaro

Originally posted on Maine Republic Email Alert:
Back in the de jure Republic, all you needed to prove Citizenship (of a state of the Union) was a BIRTH RECORD, which could be recorded in a family bible or come from a hospital. But as the default citizenship became FEDERAL (not State) citizenship, i.e. the 14th…

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Transurban – A Case for a Senate Inquiry

Secret Deals, Influenced Government, Over $1 Billion in Penalties, Neighbourhoods Destroyed, Environmental Impact, Tens of Thousands Affected and a Plan to Toll All Roads. By Michael Fraser and Maddison Johnstone The Suicide is a word that appears all too often when speaking with toll road users. Australian motorists have over $1 billion in outstanding toll penalties. Victorians […]

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