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The “A” Word – Part I – Who’s that Guy?

It’s been said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince people he didn’t exist. Regardless of whether you believe the devil exists, in principle it’s a pretty neat trick. Can’t fight an enemy you don’t recognise. Right now what is often called “the world’s most livable city” is the focal point […]

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Flies in the Ointment

Barely 48 hours have passed since Australia has switched the faction of government from Labor to Liberal. No real surprise there, since the ALP has done a splendid job of begging Australians not to vote for them this time around. All the Liberals had to do was say as little as possible and keep their […]

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A vote of confidence?

Barely a moment of the day passes when we Australians are not assaulted from seemingly every dimension of the cosmos by election coverage. Taking comfort in the fact that it will all be over in three weeks is about the best one can do under the circumstances, unless you’re a reporter or opinioneer in the […]

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