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AirAsia CEO Dumped Shares Days Before Flight Disappeared

Originally posted on Nwo Report:
Move prompts speculation Tony Fernandes had prior knowledge Source: Paul Joseph Watson | AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes dumped 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd, the organization that provides travel insurance for AirAsia passengers, just days before the disappearance of Flight QZ8501. On December 26, the Malaysian Insider reported that…

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Lawsuit Seeks $1 Trillion For Fraud and Terrorism in Sandy Hook Hoax

Originally posted on Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon:
Filmmaker, Author, William Brandon Shanley, Sues Big Media Over Sandy Hook Hoax Lawsuit Seeks $1 Trillion For Fraud and Terrorism in Sensationalized Coverage of “Staged FEMA Exercise” William Brandon Shanley Press Release For Immediate Release December 25, 2014 Contact: William Brandon Shanley 860-857-2042 Great News! No Children…

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Dear Australia….WE DID IT!

Heart warming news shows people power does work! By Dr David Pascoe BVSc PhD OVH Repro CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: WE DID IT FOLKS – AUSTRALIA BRINGS CHARLIE PHILLOTT HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. Yes, believe it or not – it’s absolutely true! Charlie Phillott gets his beloved home Carisbrooke Station back not just for Christmas – but forever. […]

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The Secrets of the Lindt Cafe

By Bob Ellis The rate at which we’re learning things about the Lindt Cafe fire-fight is among the slowest in modern history. We don’t know yet whose bullets, or stun grenades, killed Katrina Dawson. We don’t know yet whose weaponry wounded four others. We don’t know the others’ names. We don’t know why there […]

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Sydney Siege: AFP admits misinforming PM that Lindt Cafe Gunman Man Haron Monis had Firearms Licence

Originally posted on conspiracyoz:
Anna Henderson 18 Dec 2014 Photo: Police reveal Man Haron Monis did not hold a gun licence. (AAP) The Australian Federal Police have taken responsibility for inaccurate information about whether Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis had a firearms licence. Yesterday during a media conference Prime Minister Tony Abbott repeatedly…

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Latest Propaganda From NCDC

Originally posted on Real Science:
Authorities still pushing “Climate change global warming” BS. Their fear mongering continues even though they can’t back up their claims. Real Science View original post

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Are you really ready for the world to be ruled by bankers?

Originally posted on Follow The Money: Martin Armstrong via Armstrong Economics, has some strong opinions… Believe it or not, Citigroup announced on Friday that it would move its headquarters from New York to the actual U.S. Capitol Building, in Washington, D.C., in early 2015. Yes! They might as well had since they got everything…

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Tony Abbott’s Sydney siege review needs to get to the truth. No time for cover-ups

Originally posted on Kangaroo Court of Australia:
Prime Minister Tony Abbott today (17/12/14) announced that the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the NSW counterpart would conduct a review of the “Martin Place Siege”. The media statement in full is below: Martin Place siege – Joint Commonwealth – New South Wales…

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Opinion: How the government and media benefits from the Sydney siege

Originally posted on TOTT News:
Tony Abbott and his wife Margie at the memorial service. Photo: Malaysian Insider In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the nation was stopped as a reported 16 hour siege in the heart of Sydney’s CBD by Muslim Cleric, Man Haron Monis came to an end with police fatally engaging the…

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Another Interesting Take on The Sydney Siege – ConspiracyOz

Originally posted on conspiracyoz:
SYDNEY BUSTED!!! Dec 15 2014 If you search Google images for Man Haron Monis, there appear to be different people playing the part. The faces are not all good matches for each other which in my opinion needs an explanation. Remember that with Osama we got many variants, one real,…

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Australia’s ISIS False Flag to Bolster Waning Interest*

Originally posted on Hwaairfan's Blog:
Australia’s ISIS False Flag to Bolster Waning Interest* Support is waning in Australia for Aussie involvement in the fraudulent war on terror, just as support waned in the UK in the months before the 7/7 bombings. Your governments and the media are middle managers for organised crime. Permanent low…

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Sydney Terrorist Stand-off Ends In Gun Fire

At approx 2:10am local time police storm the Lindt cafe when the terrorist was spooked while releasing one of the hostages. It would seem that by reports of what happened the police may have made a critical error while attempting to subdue the offender. No doubt this will be down played by authorities and the […]

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Australian Military Predicted Cafe Scenario 6 Weeks Ago!

Originally posted on Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective:
It’s a good thing that like 9/11 and 7/7 our military is training in advance for the exact same scenarios they are being confronted with on either the day the events occur or a couple of weeks later. Because just like on and before 9/11 and the 7/7…

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Problem – Reaction – Solution & the Sydney Terrorist Incident Connection

By General Maddox (Real News Australia) There’s one thing governments, government agencies or particular groups or members within adhere to. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Recently Australian government intelligence agencies such as ASIO & ASIS have been pushing for greater powers when it comes to spying, intelligence gathering and yes, even torture. […]

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Possible False Flag Terrorist Attack in Sydney Australia

By General Maddox (Real News Australia) Not much information out as yet. But now is a crucial time people. Keep a very close watch on EVERYTHING the main stream media is putting out. As we’ve seen with every major staged event in the USA and elsewhere the official narrative is often contradicted by early information […]

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