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The TPP and How it Can be Stopped

The Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations will soon be over and multi-national corporations will reap the rewards.  By General Maddox.  There are Twelve Asia-Pacific nations currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) which is said to be the largest Free Trade Agreement in the world, when its finalized that is. The main concern is the lack of […]

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No Jab, No Pay – NO WAY!: Average Citizens Take to the Streets

With the vaccination war reaching its pinnacle and the government continually taking away our rights, 1000’s of ordinary Aussies have had enough and they’re saying NO MORE! By General Maddox. “No Jab, No Pay – No Way” was one of the key slogans chanted during the rally on Sunday June 21st, 2015. It was also […]

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Video: Protesters rally against compulsory vaccination in Brisbane

Originally posted on TOTT News:
Advocating for freedom of choice in Australia. Photo: TOTT News Protesters rallied at Queens Park in Brisbane yesterday to oppose proposals to revoke family tax benefits of conscientious objectors to vaccination, through means of legislative reform, and to promote the ideals of freedom of choice from state-enforced measures through lies,…

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You Should Be Fracking Concerned

The EPA (USA) has just released their assessment of “Fracking” and its impact on water resources and it’s not pretty.  By General Maddox. Massive amounts of controversy still surrounds the unconventional gas mining industry. The procedure for extracting natural gas (methane) from the Earth is called hydraulic fracturing otherwise known as “Fracking”.  This entails drilling […]

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The Empire of the City..three cities within cities

Originally posted on Follow The Money: From the comments of jml78: The Vatican rules over approximately 2 billion of the world’s 6.1 billion people. The colossal wealth of the Vatican includes enormous investments with the Rothschild’s in Britain, France, and the USA, and with giant oil and weapons corporations like Shell and General Electric.…

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