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VaxXed Australian Premiere – Interviews

By General Maddox. Here’s a couple of interviews we did at the first official screening of VaxXed in Australia on December 6, 2016. There will be more videos to come so please subscribe to our channel and follow us at the usual social media outlets. 

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One of the most controversial documentary films of our time will be screened in Brisbane, Qld on December 6th 2016. By General Maddox. ( Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe has been creating shockwaves since it’s US release in April this year. Time to brace yourselves folks. It’s coming to Australia! Real News Australia is proud […]

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VaxXed Documentary Causes Huge Stir. Coming To Australia Soon!

By General Maddox. ( There have been quite a few documentary movies made about vaccines. Specifically about the plethora of negative side effects they cause and highlighting their ineffectiveness among other things. But a new documentary has been filling theaters every where it’s shown.  VaxXed: From cover-up to catastrophe is having a huge impact around the […]

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General Knowledge – Episode 2 | 11/9/13

Here’s the latest podcast folks. Number 2 is now available on podomatic. Grab the link here: General Knowledge – Episode 2 You can also subscribe to it in iTunes but at the moment you’ll need to do it from the podomatic website. There’s an iTunes link there for it. Make sure you jump over to […]

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Don’t Look. Won’t Find.

By General Maddox. Allow me to pose this to you. Hypothetically speaking, say your government came out with a brand new lotion to spread onto your skin like a sunscreen, even ingest and promised you it would protect you from getting skin cancer, you would probably think it was a wonderful thing right? Why wouldn’t […]

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Is WWIII just around the corner?

US Hegemony – The Birth Of The Petro Dollar

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