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Controversial ‘My Health Record’ Fails Audit

What’s the big risk with having all of your medical data stored digitally with a single government department? Improper, ineffective and lapses in Cyber security. By General Maddox. At the beginning of 2019 Australian’s had until January 31st to Opt-Out of the My Health Record system. The deadline was originally October 31st the year prior […]

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Revealed: 5G Tower Installer Shocking Statements

Real News Australia follower questions 5G tower technician. By General Maddox. [I was recently contacted with a story lead by one of my long time subscribers, whom wishes to remain anonymous, about a 5G tower technician that he spoke to. What was disclosed to him is quite shocking. Due to the need for discretion we’ll […]

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Senate should disallow GM deregulation

By Bob Phelps Gene Ethics calls on all Senators to disallow the Gene Technology Amendment (2019 Measures No. 1) Regulations 2019 when it comes to a vote in the Senate on Wednesday November 13. All genetic manipulation (GM) processes and products – including all new CRISPR gene-editing techniques and the GM animals, plants and microbes […]

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