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Mamamia Fears HAP Surge

Health Australia Party is gaining momentum and the paid pro-vax mouthpieces are in damage control! By General Maddox.  (RealNewsAustralia) A popular website by Mia Freedman has been hitting out hard against the Health Australia Party on social media in the lead up to the election on July 2.  Here’s the latest from the big pharmaceutical […]

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Freedom of Choice a Worthy Crusade

By General Maddox. (RealNewsAustralia) Our man Andy from RNA recently caught up with activist and freedom of choice advocate Allona Lahn at an event on the Sunshine Coast.  The gathering was designed to bring together freedom of choice proponents to raise awareness leading into the upcoming election.  Allona gave some personal insights and breaks down […]

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HAP Returns Fire

Professor Kerry Bone responds to AMA comments regarding Health Australia Party  (HealthAustraliaParty) Today the president of the Health Australia Party (HAP) hit back at claims from the NSW AMA President that HAP was irrelevant to the healthcare debate in Australia. “I am sure that the majority of Australians who visit and have been helped by […]

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Questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines in Australian mainstream media is blacklisted and only the benefits of Vaccination are now advocated. The multitude of issues around the topic of vaccines was the catalyst for a student as part of her case against the implementation of the No Jab No Pay policy.   By Sara… […]

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Health Australia Party Censored: Is Facebook manipulating what you see to influence your thoughts?

Last Friday, the 10th of June an independent Political Party took out the top spot on the NSW voting ballot for the Federal Election. Overnight, for no other possible reason – after months of campaigning, the media slander began.  The misrepresentation of the party’s purpose was plastered in click-bait headlines all over ‘reputable’ news sites,… […]

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VaxXed Documentary Causes Huge Stir. Coming To Australia Soon!

By General Maddox. ( There have been quite a few documentary movies made about vaccines. Specifically about the plethora of negative side effects they cause and highlighting their ineffectiveness among other things. But a new documentary has been filling theaters every where it’s shown.  VaxXed: From cover-up to catastrophe is having a huge impact around the […]

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