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Royal Commission

Senate Committee Recommends Royal Commission into ASIC

The recommendation is there but how seriously will it be taken? By General Maddox. (RealNewsAustralia) In a recent article featured here on RNA we showed proof of the continuing fraud going on within the Commonwealth Bank and it’s sub companies that’s been adversely affecting many customers for years. Not only that but the willingness of […]

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Hollywood: Paid Propaganda or Plain Ignorance?

In the movie, Contagion (2011) [1], Laurence Fishburne’s character – Dr. Ellis Cheever, a high ranking CDC official – states: “Well, Homeland Security wants to know if we can put a vaccination in the water supply, like Fluoride, cure everyone at once.” This is either a deliberate script insertion by vested pro-fluoridation interests, but perhaps…

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CBA Fraud Given Green Light by Industry Watchdogs & Law Enforcement

It appears actual physical evidence of fraud no longer matters to the Queensland Police, Federal Police, ASIC or even the Financial Ombudsman Service when it comes to the big banks.  By General Maddox.  (Real News Australia) What you’re about to read below is sadly not a unique case. There are dozens, if not, hundreds of […]

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PD Editorial – Huffing and Puffing, But Not Even a Worthwhile Blow

In a recent PD Editorial [1], we see the usual ranting and raving against the anti-fluoridation movement, but, as per standard practice, nothing is offered beyond the typical pro-fluoridation chestnuts. For instance, “a staggering burden of suffering and a growing oral health divide between rich and poor” is cited as a reason for fluoridation. However, what…

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Charmaine Webster Header

The Unregistered Experience: Meet the Woman That Doesn’t Exist

Charmaine Webster has no birth certificate but is an Aussie through and through. By General Maddox.  (Real News Australia) Take a moment to think about all the things we take for granted because we can easily prove who we are. A birth certificate is our ticket to ride but after 40 years Charmaine Webster is still […]

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Vodafone admits governments use secret cables to tap phones

Originally posted on TOTT News:
Secret wires are monitoring your every detail. Photo: AFP Vodafone, the world’s second largest mobile phone company, revealed today that government agencies are able to listen to phone conversations live and track the location of citizens without warrants. This is done by using secret cables connected directly to the network…

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GMO Appleorange


By Safe Food Foundation The future of organic and non GM food in Australia is uncertain after a WA farmer today lost his legal battle with a neighbouring farmer. Steve Marsh lost organic certification on his Kojonup farm – and most of his livelihood – when his farm was contaminated by GM canola. He sued […]

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Implementing Medical Cannabis

Originally posted on conspiracyoz:
Michael Hawkins 21st May 2014 HEMP Party Media Release In 2014, 128,000 Australian citizens will be deprived of a well-recognised medicine ‘scientifically proven’ to relive their pain. 128,000 is the number of cancer patients that the Cancer Council Australia has calculated to be affected by cancer in Australia by the…

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Interview with Dr Andrew Katerlaris on Medicinal Cannabis

Originally posted on conspiracyoz:
Hi Ppls check out the Interview on The Raven Report 28th May 2014 with Doctor Andrew Katerlaris as he explains Medicinal Cannabis. Also watch this TV Special aired recently on New Zealand Television, The good Doctor explains Medicinal Cannibas on TVNZ. ? ? ?

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Who’s REALLY running Australia?

By Glenn Murray A big-biz alliance told Abbott what policies it wanted Recently an alliance of big businesses put together a wishlist of 100 policies they wanted our government to implement. I’ll discuss these policies in a second, but for now, think of them as a recipe for making the rich richer.   Look […]

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