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Raise Taxes, Raise GST, Lower Standard of Living – ConspiracyOz

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Helgelian Dialectic in Action!Problem, Reaction, Solution. Problem: Raise Taxes  Reaction: Need Funds for Hospitals and Education etc Solution: Broaden then Raise the G.S.T. (The Plan all along to crush our standard of Living?) – Mick Raven Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey: Ditch debt tax and fix GST to improve budget Jessica…

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9:11 Plane

New study: We’re all “conspiracy theorists” now

By Are people who think 9/11 was an inside job suffering from pathological delusions? That is what the mainstream media tells us. But a recent study published in Frontiers of Psychology suggests the contrary. It found that 29 of 30 research subjects – 97% of the sample – turned out to be “9/11 conspiracy […]

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More Corruption Revealed as NSW Government Pre-Approves Planning Application

By Andy Whiteley Co-Founder of Wake Up World The smell of corruption has been emanating from the NSW State Government for some time now, and it has been particularly strong downwind of the NSW Central Coast and Hunter regions. Recent investigations conducted by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) into government activities has led the independent regulator to pursue […]

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vaccine 2

Gold Coast High School student given Gardasil vaccination without consent

By General Maddox A Merrimac High School Student on the Gold Coast, Queensland, was injected with the Gardasil vaccine after the boys mother had clearly indicated on the consent form that her son was not to receive the jab. This raises the question as to why the school even bothered to send home a consent […]

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Budget 2014 – You lose, the rich win, and what you can do about it

By Glenn Murray Hockey’s budget will hit us hard By now you probably already know Hockey and Abbott have targeted you with their budget. If you don’t, read this, this, this and this. Or if you don’t have time for that, here’s a good summary…   But big biz is $30 billion better off! What you may not know – […]

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Community Radio Safe As Budget Rejects Funding Cuts

Originally posted on conspiracyoz:
Scott Fitzsimons 13 May, 2014 Community radio has been spared potentially crippling funding cuts tonight as the budget rejected recommendations to abolish the sector’s funding. While the ABC and SBS will lose one percent of their funding over the next four years, the recent campaign by the Community Broadcasting Association…

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Community Radio to be Tuned Out of the Budget

By General Maddox. The amount of people who listen to commercial radio stations over community stations is certainly much higher. Given their bigger budgets and market saturation it’s no wonder. Recent developments may see your local community radio station about to see that gap in funding grow even wider if the Commission of Audit gets […]

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a hand holding a wad of australian banknotes

Amid Rising Cost of Living Abbott Gov Wants to Reduce Minimum Wage

By General Maddox. Yes you read the title correctly. That’s exactly what the Abbott Governments Commission of Audit is recommending among other drastic measures to end Australia’s apparent terrible economic hardship and bring the budget back into line. In a recent article published on, the Commission of Audit has stated that the reduction in the […]

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This is why Abbott wants the TPP

So our corporations can bully for profit.  By Glenn Murray An Australian company is bullying El Salvador Australian-owned Pacific Rim Mining is currently suing El Salvador for saying no to an open pit, cyanide-leach gold mine in the middle of one of its most pristine forests. The law-suit started in 2009, before Australia’s OceanaGold bought Pacific […]

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