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Robert F Kennedy’s devastating quotes on vaccines and the CDC

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:
Robert F Kennedy Jr’s devastating quotes on vaccines and the CDC Boom—how and why the CDC can foist toxic vaccines on the American people by Jon Rappoport January 26, 2017 From Kennedy’s video presentation, “7 Minutes on the CDC,” Anne Dachel (Age of Autism) has transcribed excerpts. This…

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Chimera – Scientists create human/pig hybrid 

California – The State of Dr Moreau By General Maddox.  In a world first scientists at the Salk Institute in California have created a human / pig hybrid embryo. The stated goal of which is to grow human organs to order. However these scientists admitted their more immediate application will be of great benefit to […]

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MSM Downplays Trump Inauguration 

Democratic heartland of D.C. shows huge turnout in support of their new Republican leader. By General Maddox. The media has been doing its best to downplay Trumps popularity as the new US president. The narrative was in place before he was elected and it continues even now.  It certainly does appear that attendance was higher […]

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The Bourke Street Mall Attack–I Have One Simple Question

Originally posted on peterpilt:
? We are all grieved over the car attack in the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne. Debate has raged on my Facebook page about whether it is terrorism related or not. I have not entered into the debate as I have one simple question that I think Australian’s deserve to have…

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Facial recognition to replace passports in radical security overhaul at Australian airports

Originally posted on TOTT News:
Facial recognition to replace passports in airports. Photo: NEC Australia’s Customs and Border Protection will install 92 facial recognition terminals in international airports as part of an $18 million deal to replace passports with a “contactless” biometric identification system. The program will see all international passengers processed by biometric recognition…

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