The Two Horse Race: The Illusion of Democracy in Australia

By James Pearce The Christian Activist Introduction Australia is a dictatorship. Usually when I make that statement I get funny looks. That is because we are bred to think of ...

Chile Approves a Law to Protect Employment Rights of Mutants and Genetically Modified Humans

By Rhoda WilsonOriginal Article here… In addition to a law protecting neurorights, Chile now has an employment law to protect against discrimination of mutants and genetically modified individuals.  The National Congress of ...

BOMBSHELL: FDA Releases Document Showing COVID-19 PCR Test is Not Testing for SARS CoV-2

So what the hell is it testing for? FDA document admits “Covid” PCR test was developed without isolated samples for test calibration, effectively admitting it’s testing something else. A document ...


47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects

By LifeSiteNews Staff. July 23, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Prior to facemask mandates ...

Massive Numbers at Brisbane Freedom Rally…Again!

Brisbane certainly turned up at the latest Freedom Rally even with intermittent ...

Dr Kerry Chant Caught Celebrating the Death of 3 Vaccinated Children

By General Maddox. New South Wales Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, ...

Pfizer CEO Admits their current COVID-19 vaccine “doesn’t have the safety profile they hoped for”

By General Maddox. In a recent interview with CNN and published on ...

Event Tonight: One Redlands – We Stand Together

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things ...

LEAK: Aus. Government Plans to Freeze ABN &/or TFN of the Unvaccinated

By General Maddox. A whistleblower spills the beans on what could be ...

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GKP S4/E23 – Pfizer Papers, Optus Hack, Nordstream False Flag G’day folks, Thanks for tuning in to Season 4 Episode 23. On tonights show i’m joined by Andy and Ethan as we go through the latest events from here and around the world. We cover: The Pfizer Papers. The latest in a series by Dr T.J Coles published on Optus Hack. Optus was […]

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The Coming Population Collapse | Video

The latest update of the UN’s World Population Prospects confirms we are now “in sight of a time when the human population will cease to grow and be … The Coming Population Collapse | Video

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Bonus Show Teaser – The Ritual Murder of Princess Diana. Conspiracy chat with John Hamer G’day folks, In light of the recent death of Queen Alizardbreath I thought it would be poignant to get John Hamer on for a chat from the UK to actually discuss a royal conspiracy. The Ritual Murder of Princess Diana. So much information I wasn’t aware of before researching this topic. In preparation, Andy […]

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The Pfizer Papers: Leaked Israeli Health Meeting, Excess Deaths

A new leaked Zoom meeting from Israeli health officials provides further insight into observable long-term injection damage, Dr. T.J. Coles explores. The Pfizer Papers: Leaked Israeli Health Meeting, Excess Deaths

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GKP S4/E22 – Passing of the Guard, 9/11 21 years on & Minister for Autism in SA G’day folks, On tonight’s show King Ethan is joining me as King Andy is unavailable. We discuss the changing of the guard. Queen Alizardbreath II is deceased and Prince Charles of Wales becomes King of England. We dive a little deeper into the symbology, numerology and synchronicity of this event. The reigning monarch has […]

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GKP S4/E21 – Elana Freeland on Geo-engineered Transhumanism On today’s show we chat to author and researcher Elana Freeland about her most recent book on Geo-engineered Transhumanism. To begin with however, Ethan and I chat about a few topics like modern media vs alternative media, the work we do and Ethan’s new website layout. It’s not easy putting all of this stuff […]

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GKP S4/E20 – Jim Lee from PART 1 G’day Folks, Today Ethan, Andy & I are joined by a man who has done extensive research and dug deep to find out and publish as much as possible on a host of topics but specializes in Weather Modification. Jim Lee from and joins us from South Carolina in the USA for […]

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Australia set to establish national Centre for Disease Control

Anthony Albanese has told Australians to “stay tuned” for fulfilment of a key election commitment for future pandemics – the establishment of an … Full article at link below… Australia set to establish national Centre for Disease Control

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GKP S4/E19 – There Is No SARS-Cov-2, There Is No Covid-19 And There Are No Variants G’day Folks, Flying solo on today’s episode after I stuffed around Ethan and Andy due to having a sinus infection. First time i’ve been sick in years! So i had to postpone and then i didn’t want wait until this weekend to record so i’m going it alone. Still plenty of topics covered such […]

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GKP S4/E18 – Bizarre Weather, COVID AFL Mandates & Gender Bending Rules G’day folks, On today’s episode Andy, Ethan and I discuss a range of topics that have popped up over the last fortnight since the previous episode. Bizarre weather? You got it. Byron Bay hit with Snow? The BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) and Media are calling it a hail storm. But check the evidence for […]

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GKP S4/E17 – Dr Graham Lyons & the coming Depopulation Agenda G’day folks, On today’s episode Andy, Ethan and I are joined by a returning guest and supporter of the show Dr. Graham Lyons. Graham talks us through his recent win in the courts where he took on the system when they tried to make him take PCR tests upon returning back to Adelaide. He […]

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GKP S4/E16 – Social Credit, High Speed Rail & Electric Vehicle Swindle Hi Everyone, Thanks for tuning in to Season 4 Episode 16!   On today’s episode Andy & Ethan join me to go over the last fortnights happenings from Australia and the world. Albo goes full steam ahead on High Speed Rail for Australia. All part of the Agenda 2030 Smart City plan we’ve been […]

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Discovery of plastic particle pollution in human blood and lungs

Concern about the role of microplastics have risen to new heights in recent weeks, after researchers confirm the detection of fragments in human … Discovery of plastic particle pollution in human blood and lungs

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General Knowledge Podcast S4E15 – Australia Season 31 Hi Everyone, Thanks for tuning in to Season 4 Episode 15!   Joining me today is Ethan and Andy as we dissect the recent happenings in Australia and the world. The clown show known as Australia Season 31 has started! Why Australia Season 31? Well the newly appointed Anthony Albanese is now the 31st […]

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General Knowledge Podcast S4/E14 – Welcome to the Masquerade with John Hamer Hi Everyone, Thanks for tuning in to Season 4 Episode 14!   Joining me today is Ethan and Andy as we interview friend of the show, Author John Hamer.  John has a fantastic new book available now. BUY THE BOOK HERE!!! John takes us on a journey to how the book came about with […]

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