Archive | July, 2016

2016 Election Results Tainted

Hundreds of thousands of people missing out on their vote, inept AEC staff, ballot tampering and much more… By Mark Aldridge. So far reports of dodgy counting are increasing every day, but the issues with the result are much deeper than simple errors. The Electoral commission went into the election massively underfunded, they had to […]

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Street Beat on Election Day 2016 

Today the RNA team hit the streets to get a feel for how folks are voting in the election. By General Maddox. ( After months of mind numbing campaigning the 2016 Federal Election has been and gone. The polling booths are closed and the remaining votes are being tallied. Not to sound like an Obama […]

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Still drinking tap water? Might want to reconsider

By General Maddox. Hey everyone just wanted to share this quick video with you. Still drinking tap water? Well you might want to reconsider. I just changed the filters over in my 4 stage reverse osmosis water filter.  The results are shocking and disgusting! This is why we have a 4 stage reverse osmosis filter. […]

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