Archive | August, 2019

Gone in 30 Seconds: Watch as a $90K Tesla is Hacked and Stolen in Under a Minute

“It was absolutely shocking how quickly it went.” By Tyler Durden Tesla owners will be relieved to know that while parked idly and not spontaneously combusting, their “safe” vehicles can be stolen in less than a minute. There’s even video evidence to prove it. Footage was posted from a security camera at home in the […]

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Pick and Choose: The Climageddon Bandwagon

New studies and scientific investigations will always be done and will reveal new information that may contradict the current paradigm. But will anyone be listening? By General Maddox. The governments of the world, thanks to the U.N., have made climate alarmism the new fad. You will struggle to find one that doesn’t toe the party […]

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