Implementing Medical Cannabis


Michael Hawkins

21st May 2014


HEMP Party Media Release

In 2014, 128,000 Australian citizens will be deprived of a well-recognised medicine ‘scientifically proven’ to relive their pain. 128,000 is the number of cancer patients that the Cancer Council Australia has calculated to be affected by cancer in Australia by the end of this year(1).

Australia was given the chance in 2013 to amend its current stance on medical Cannabis when a New South Wales Parliament Committee proposed amendment to allow terminally ill patients the right to up to 15grams of Cannabis for the purpose of pain relief (2). However, this proposal was ultimately rejected by the New South Wales Government due to an apparent lack of evident research backing the efficiency of Cannabis for medical use (3).

Greens MP Kaye was ‘disappointed’ with the handed down concluded by the government, whilst former Labor MP O’Grady was equally…

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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “Implementing Medical Cannabis”

  1. gusgrunt
    June 1, 2014 at 7:42 pm #

    Business as usual!
    Our Australian Government and their subsidiaries of States are merely a pretentious idiom of Corporations….. the now controlling influence in most government decisions that effect their bottom line and a carefree attitude of what is good for the people of Australia
    We now live in a Corporate world… our Governments are registered in Washington DC as Corporations and when they are sworn in dedicate their allegiance to the Crown which is London and controlled by the International Bankers….. please watch a swearing in ceremony (YouTube) of these Corporate Creeps!

    Is there any wonder now that our Corporate Governments would support Corporatism.
    The Corporate Rockefella’s and their massive control of the oil industry forced into Law what is called ‘Allopathic Medicine’ and through their media control constructed this maverick medicine into law.
    For thousands of years man used natural medicines but this was all changed by this ‘alternative construct’ that was not medicine but profit!
    Business as usual!….. Gus

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