Hollywood: Paid Propaganda or Plain Ignorance?

In the movie, Contagion (2011) [1], Laurence Fishburne’s character – Dr. Ellis Cheever, a high ranking CDC official – states:

“Well, Homeland Security wants to know if we can put a vaccination in the water supply, like Fluoride, cure everyone at once.”

This is either a deliberate script insertion by vested pro-fluoridation interests, but perhaps more likely, it simply reflects the general brainwashing of the masses over decades when it comes to water fluoridation. It seems Hollywood scriptwriters are not ‘immune’ from this type of ignorance.

What can we really add to this? Perhaps a few things are worth a mention as food for thought.

Firstly, the public should know that it is not the vast and wide array of experts at the CDC who are responsible for the promotion of the fluoridation program, but rather a very narrowly-focused, extremist section of the CDC:

“The CDC has only one…

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Author:General Maddox

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2 Comments on “Hollywood: Paid Propaganda or Plain Ignorance?”

  1. June 20, 2014 at 8:15 pm #

    It is not “Paid Propaganda or Plain Ignorance”….. it is merely an agenda that goes back some six thousand years to Egypt.
    As our technology improved dramatically over the mere century just passed it supposedly has assisted us as human beings.
    No!….. we have an enemy in our camp and that is our MEDIA!… Gus

  2. 56andoverit
    June 25, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    Agenda 21 sustainable development and world de- population .Continous wars, all over the planet, glorified in Hollywood movies and children’s video games.All directed by the banksters cartel that control the NWO war machine in all countries world wide.Today the corporations rule !Their leaders are not human.Therefore,as Michael Jackson said “they don’t really care about us”.We humans vastly outnumber them reptilians.Unfortunately,they control the monster of nuclear power and all military on earth.There must be more to it,especially when Jesus said “Love your enemies,even when they persecute you”.This battle,against the force of darkness,is not limited to this planet or this lifespan it is eternal.Walk proud in faith and truth.

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