Independent political parties to get behind in 2019

By Ethan Nash

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Australians have given up on government, business, the media and other formal institutions as leaders of society, and are looking for alternative options to the current political oligarchy in Canberra.

As the 2019 Federal Election approaches, we take a look at some of the few independent political parties that are hoping to shake the political circus up in a big way this year.


Australians are fed up, and they want change.

The Edelman Trust Barometer, a global survey across 28 countries, shows each of Australia’s four key institutions – government, business in general, the media and not for profits – are now officially classified as “distrusted” for the first time since 2013.

According to statistics, trust in government has recently fallen to 35% of Australians, while business has dropped to 45%, media to 31% from 32%, and NGOs to 48% from 52%.

Australia’s Trust Index, currently at 40%, is just 4 percentage points higher than the least trusting country, Russia, on 36%. Australia also has the 2nd lowest trust in media globally, with only Turkey lower at 30%.

The result in Australia comes despite the overall level of trust is government across all countries surveyed rising by 2 percentage points in the last year. Australia is now in the bottom third of the countries surveyed.

As a result of this, Australians are looking for alternatives, and with the 2019 Federal Election close on the horizon – here are some options that are looking to go against the status quo.


The following is a brief list and overview of some of the parties that best represent values found in many of the public themes on our website, including freedom of health, unrestricted speech and the elimination of a monopolized system of political and corporate oppression.


Perfect for those who are: Interested in natural health and medicine, pro-choice and freedom of products.

The Health Australia Party (HAP) is a center-party committed to promoting open and transparent decision-making and honesty of information, stimulating individual freedom of choice and thought to ensure a genuinely healthier Australia.

Beginning during anticipation of the 2016 Federal Election, this could be one of the best-rounded political groups to come around in a long time, with a comprehensive policy list that includes such things as opposition to mandatory vaccination, GMO food alteration, forced fluoridation and more.

Policies of the HAP include:

  • A healthy, vigorous, equitable economy that creates the best possible opportunity for all Australian citizens to enjoy good quality of life.
  • A national water security program that will protect Australia’s water supply from privatization, consistent of a 3-pronged approach to water stability.
  • The development of sustainable, renewable power sources.
  • The HAP will defend the political, legal, social and economic foundations of a democratic society to sustain a self-reliant and secure Australia.
  • Developing a more holistic national curriculum, providing Australians with access to high quality, affordable primary, secondary, and tertiary education promoting intellectual as well as individual achievement and growth.
  • Recognize that a broad, integrative approach to health care is required based on what is best for patients and free from corporate or personal vested interests.

Check out more of their work here: Website | Facebook


Perfect for those who are: Interested in the legality of ‘government’, the Commonwealth Constitution, common law, the history of Australia and more.

The Great Australia Party (GAP) has emerged as a prominent force over the last 12 months, due to a combination of strong policy promotion and social media presence that has organically grown to over 10,000 followers on Facebook alone.

The political party has seen an increase in popularity due to regular posts concerning Australian society, national values, sovereignty and the Commonwealth Constitution.

Policies of the GAP include:

  • Taxation and Bank reform consistent with the Commonwealth Constitution.
  • Eliminate local councils as defacto third tier of government.
  • Legislator reform in line with the Commonwealth Constitution.
  • Focus law enforcement on eliminating true crimes, not drugs or petty crimes.
  • Adhere to Article 7 of the ICCPR, including no forced medication (vaccinations and fluoride).
  • Increased education for Australians on the Commonwealth of Australia, and Constitution.

The party has now had over 1,300 people join up as members, and is on track to become registered in the near future. The party aims to let the Commonwealth Constitution dictate policy, where the people are the “Supreme, Absolute, Uncontrollable Authority” in this country.

Check out more of their work here: Website | Facebook


Perfect for those are: Looking for a party that supports the ideals of nationalism and sovereignty, immigration regulations, anti-globalism and anti-corporatism.

The Australian Protectionist Party (APP) was created to defend Australia’s identity, heritage and freedom, and aims to protect our environment, families, freedoms, jobs, industries, rural communities, way of life, and the survival of the Australian people.

The party shares many of our posts on social media, and is a perfect example of how nationalist politics can still exist and thrive in an era of increased political correctness. Given the current media and social climate surrounding nationalist ideals, this party is always looking for more supporters.

Policies of APP include:

  • Establish pro-family measures to protect the traditional family unit, which is the foundation stone of our national culture and way of life.
  • End problems caused by over-population and create a sustainable future for our land.
  • Defend our democracy by removing laws that inhibit freedom of speech on social and political issues, and create further measures to protect our civil liberties.
  • Ensure more democracy in public affairs by establishing Citizens’ Initiated Referenda, whereby ordinary citizens can initiate a referendum on policies.
  • Institute tariff barriers against cheap foreign imports to encourage the survival, rebuilding, and emergence of local manufacturing industries.
  • End the destructiveness of multiculturalism and political correctness by teaching our students about the achievements and values of Western Civilization.

Check out more of their work here: Website | Facebook


Perfect for those who are: Against water fluoridation and vaccination programs being forced on to Australians, pro-health advocates.

The Involuntary Medication Objectors Party (IMOP) is a new political group that will be standing at least seven candidates in the Federal Election, allowing Australians the ability to freely object and opt-out of mass medication programs, without penalty.

The party is focused on giving a voice to the tens of thousands of Australians who have been ignored by the government and vilified by the press for their informed choice to reject highly questionable government sponsored programs, such as vaccination and water fluoridation.

Policies of the IMOP include:

  • Defending the rights of all Australians to decide whether they want themselves, their children or their charges to be medicated.
  • Committed to repealing legislation that compels Australian children to be medicated against the will of their parents.
  • Opposes any legislation that in any way discriminates or penalises Australians for making informed decisions about their children’s health needs.
  • Committed to objecting to and repealing any legislation that has to do with involuntary medication on any scale, such as vaccination and the fluoridation of our city and town water supplies.
  • Enforce the Constitutional right of Australians to choose or reject medication for themselves and their children.
  • The Party is committed to seeing an independent and government funded investigation or Royal Commission, into the allegations of scientists, researchers, doctors, and affected parents to the detrimental effects of the past and current vaccination programs.

Check out more of their work here: Website | Facebook


Perfect for those who are: Supporters of the Yellow Vests Movement (most of the ideals are very similar), anti-globalism advocates and those looking for systemic change.

The Equal Australia Party (EAP) is a new political group that hopes to bring honesty, clarity, and accountability back into our political and social structure – currently looking for members to join so they can successfully register after 500 members.

The party is primarily focused on the development, refinement, and eventual structure of the future political and administrative operations that will be needed to best manage this nation, including the removal of a preferential voting system.

Policies of the EAP include:

  • Introduce national ‘e-Referendums’ which are Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR) intended to achieve a national consensus on matters raised.
  • Adoption of a new taxation system which will greatly reduce all personal and company/corporate taxation, yet will still provide a greater base of tax income – enough to substantially fund major Australian services such as health and education.
  • Reclaiming all Australian sovereign lands. Compulsory re-acquisition of foreign-owned lands will be fully funded via the tax changes, and by resales of the properties to Australian owners.
  • Full independent review of all politicians benefits, including the alignment of conditions to match all Australian workers, and the removal of the ability to self-regulate wage increases.
  • To align all forms of immigration in line with overall population growth to ensure the nation’s ability to develop sufficient infrastructure to match and accommodate the overall growth.
  • Religious freedom for all Australian citizens within the constraints of Australian Law. Any activities that form part of any religion must comply with existing or enacted Australian Law.

Check out more of their work here: Website | Facebook


Perfect for those are: Proponents of the positive benefits of both cannabis and HEMP for recreational and professional use, advocates for freedom of health and more.

Last, but not least, an old favourite: The Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party (HEMP) – dedicated to re-legalizing and regulating cannabis for personal, medical and industrial use.

The veteran of the list, HEMP has become a popular alternative amongst voters for almost a decade now, campaigning on the principles and benefits of recreational and production use, gaining significant numbers in a few senate elections in recent years.

Policies of HEMP include:

  • Allow for health education, home growing, and regulated sales through registered outlets, separating the criminality of the black-market and end consequent associated corruption.
  • Allow medical use, utalising painkilling, relaxing, anti-nausea and healing properties.
  • Establish a commercial hemp industry producing fuel, fibre, paper, textiles, food, oil and other environmentally sound products.
  • Release all those imprisoned for cannabis alone and the removal of all records of previous criminal cannabis convictions.
  • HEMP is calling for interim measures in relation to cultivation, possession, supply and distribution, so as to address the needs and concerns Australians currently using cannabis for medical purposes.
  • To enhance the environment by replacing environmentally unsound products.

Check out more of their work here: Website | Facebook

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