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Independent political parties to get behind in 2019

By Ethan Nash Originally Posted at TOTTnews.com Australians have given up on government, business, the media and other formal institutions as leaders of society, and are looking for alternative options to the current political oligarchy in Canberra. As the 2019 Federal Election approaches, we take a look at some of the few independent political parties […]

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Voting Fail by Design

Why aren’t electoral systems taught in schools? By General Maddox A recent Brisbane Times opinion piece written by Australia’s youngest Federal MP Wyatt Roy has raised a good point and calls for our electoral systems to be added to the national school curriculum. So why isn’t it there already? Shouldn’t we all know how it […]

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A vote of confidence?

Barely a moment of the day passes when we Australians are not assaulted from seemingly every dimension of the cosmos by election coverage. Taking comfort in the fact that it will all be over in three weeks is about the best one can do under the circumstances, unless you’re a reporter or opinioneer in the […]

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