The TPP and How it Can be Stopped

The Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations will soon be over and multi-national corporations will reap the rewards. 

By General Maddox. 

There are Twelve Asia-Pacific nations currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) which is said to be the largest Free Trade Agreement in the world, when its finalized that is. The main concern is the lack of transparency. Citizens of the countries involved, journalists, not even your own elected government representatives are allowed to take part let alone see the documents of the trade deal. Of the very few that have, they’re made to sign confidentiality agreements, no copies can be made, they have a time limit to view them, no phones or recording devices can be taken into the room and no notes can be taken. Yes, it’s that secret. 

Bits and pieces of the TPP agreement that have managed to be leaked to the public via outlets like Wikileaks from insiders show intended changes to intellectual property rights and patent law that only benefit large corporations rather than consumers. And that’s exactly what this and most of the trade deals are all about… corporate greed. 

But does this actually surprise us? Sadly, No. The public has become acclimated to being screwed over for profit. Trade deals like the TPP ultimately mean less jobs for us and cheap goods flooding the market resulting in a loss of business for home grown companies. Less jobs means less money to spend. And when people have less money to spend they are forced to choose cheap imported goods. 

What’s the solution?

Perhaps encouraging the public to only buy “Australian Made” from “Australian Owned” companies via effective marketing campaigns will benefit our businesses and help turn the tide? It might and that should always be encouraged.

However, the corporate lobbyists and multi-national conglomerates that DO have access to the TPP negotiations are one step ahead. 

It’s called the ISDS. Investor State Dispute Settlement. A provision in the TPP that will allow foreign investors to sue the government when laws or regulations are created which harm their profits. 

A government funded program promoting buying “Australian Made”, under the TPP, could be seen as damaging to corporate profits for foreign investors and result in massive lawsuits and compensation claims that the Australian Government would be beholden to pay. 

This is just one scenario. The TPP is a venerable can of worms sitting inside Pandora’s box. 

So what IS the solution?

Stand up and voice our concerns? Scream at our politicians until they listen? Vote out the current government and vote in representatives that won’t sign the deal? Maybe. 

The TPP, if not signed, will look to be dead. But do zombies have a pulse? Unfortunately the TPP will not be dead and buried. A trade deal this big will go through. The social engineers of our society, those that sit on top of the pyramid, want this deal to go through. No matter what name it goes by. It will simply be resurrected. Unless you stop it!

Is there really a solution? 

I know what you’ve read so far doesn’t sound encouraging but where there’s a will there’s a way. At present there simply isn’t enough people aware of what’s going on (on many levels but let’s focus on the TPP). Creating more awareness and waking people up is the key to stopping destructive deals like this being signed. When the majority of us know what’s going on, the minority start to listen. 

Encourage friends to join social media groups about the TPP, sharing videos like the ones below, sharing articles like this, talking to family and friends about it, write letters to our representatives, take part in anti-TPP rallies, etc etc. Until a critical mass is reached on issues like this we will continue to be under the sole of the corporate boot. 
Literally, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The solution is you. 

Please watch and share great videos like these below. 

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Author:General Maddox

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5 Comments on “The TPP and How it Can be Stopped”

  1. kevin
    June 29, 2015 at 5:54 pm #

    I have read a bit about this and its frightening what it contains. If a foreign company comes to Australia and they consider our workplace safety or workers compensation laws to be too restrictive, they only have to claim that its going to cost them money so they can take the pretend australian govt to court and have it heard by their fellow company nominee representatives on the judging panel. This would result in either the pretend australian or pretend state govt would either have to water down these laws to the company;s satisfaction or face penalties that amount to whatever the adjudicating panel reckons is a fair thing to the company.

    I suggest that this adjudicating panel will, in time, effectively become a government above government and by “recommending changes to laws” and having “input” during the “consultation stages” of law making, may even end up having the defacto power of veto over any proposed legislation by any parliament in Australia, before it ever becomes public knowledge.

  2. kevin piggott
    June 30, 2015 at 7:35 pm #

    I strongly recommend you read this. This comes from the website. To get in copy and paste this in the browser.


    *My response: HERE IS MY WARNING ABOUT WORDPRESS:* I stabbeth the WordPress vampire! This one had them so upset that before I could post it, they took the cell modems offline and attempted to destroy what I wrote by woodpeckering the hard drive and locking up the computer! This one nailed the vampire. (posted from a cyber cafe) because I saved it to flash drive the second the modems went offline and refused to connect and about a minute before they woodpeckered the hard drive and locked everything up even through multiple reboots.

    HA HA HA, HERE IT IS. read it and weep!


    Get off WordPress. If you used WordPress to build your web site, DITCH IT NOW. There is absolutely no reason to use Wordrpess, Blogger or any other controlled venue on a site you paid for, and if you built your site on a server owned by wordpress, you are DOOMED.

    Here is what happens: *All content has to be approved by WordPress, Blogger or any of the others and even if your site is hosted on your own server, if you used the WordPress sitebuilder it always passes through WordPress no matter what, even if you do not know it or if you cannot see how, and if they do not approve of your content YOU ARE DEAD because they will bury your site all the while they say nothing and everything looks normal to you.*

    I observed this with wordpress, even though I have nothing to do with them, here is how: First of all, it is in their TOS. But people don’t read that, they just click the box, so here is another way I know: Up until the FCC took over the web, WordPress actually let a LOT of dissenting views fly. But there was always this catch in their TOS that said they basically owned your content and that controls could be put in place, as well as that they had a right to drop ads into your page if they wished (this rarely happens, but it proves total control from their end).

    Anyway, *The main way I noticed that WordPress went totally rogue is through my stats software, which tells me who sends people my way. When the FCC took over the web, WordPress totally died. Via the links they posted, various WordPress users generated, at times, over 50 percent of my site traffic. This dropped to zero in a day, and never came back. This means that WordPress shut these people down, and they do not even know it.*

    At the same time this happened, every time I log into the original Jimstonefreelance server, there is a mandatory box that pops up and locks up everything, demanding I convert my site over to WordPress and no matter how many times I tell it no, it is there EVERY LOG IN, an obstacle I cannot bypass without acknowledging it and refusing it every single time. I am not stupid about WordPress, I saw everyone who uses it to tell the truth die, and I am obviously not going to convert this site over because I hand code everything and if you can do that WordPress is stupid anyway. Early on, before I was good with code I refused wordpress because I actually read their TOS and knew they were evil and guessed that one day they would destroy anyone who had legitimate truth posted there. I was right.


    If your stats say all is well, they are STUXNET stats from WordPress, an illusion to make you believe you are real, all the while you receive nothing but communications from CIA troll visitors or AI software while you are largely confined to a small closet with sound proof doors. And by default, ditto for Facebook. Ditto for Blogspot. Ditto for Wikipedia, Yahoo answers, Ditto Ditto Ditto.

  3. Jake
    July 3, 2015 at 2:23 pm #

    G. Maddox, I concur with your points about the TPP; you’re certainly preaching to the converted when it comes to me. Having said that, however, I would recommend that you pay more attention to grammar and punctuation in your writing (e.g. use of commas, using ‘who’ instead of ‘that’ when referring to people, etc.) – despite concurring strongly with what you say, you almost lost me through the poor grammar, and I’m perhaps not alone in that regard…

    • July 3, 2015 at 4:43 pm #

      Thanks Jake. Was a bit tired when I wrote that one. Will have to go over it again.

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