Corpus Delicti | Metabunk Scam or is it?

By Paul Mac. Contributing writer for RNA.

Well friends, we have been scammed by the tools at metabunk a beauty. Max Bliss was approached by an “industry insider” aka “whistleblower” on the basis of this person wanting to divulge what is happening with Chemtrails and Geo-Engineering, cautious conversation began, a sense of trust was built, factually correct information was given, information that is highly plausible and very feasible…in fact so feasible it could in part be the truth and an attempt to hide the truth in plain sight.

Think about this, there are only so many places on an aircraft where chemicals can be stored for dispersal and only so many delivery systems available to release them, while there has been wide ranging conjecture in the geo-eng movement about how and where these systems are, much of that conjecture has just been wrong, aircraft test weights is a great example, so many well meaning but mis-informed people have jumped to the conclusion that these barrels are filled with chemicals etc, those in the industry have just laughed at that and anyone with some common sense can see it would be one of the most impractical arrangements you could possibly use for dispersal and yet well known names in the movement are still putting these pictures up and sensationalizing the claim.

My point is, the actual scope of delivery systems is extremely limited and must conform to aircraft safety and flight envelope regimes in terms of functionality etc. There are no hidden containers in lavatories, test weights (could be used) are inefficient and pretty damn obvious (imagine the hazards filling all those?) and could only be used on ghost flights. This leaves only a few realistic options.


  1. Fuel – plausible but has some draw backs in terms of delivery, tainted fuel in wing tanks would be emitting toxins at ground level on takeoff all the way up to cruising altitude and down again, even though we are talking nano-particulates we could still reasonably expect damage to jet engines via fan blades etc (as per volcanic dust), this would be costly to the industry and has obvious safety implications.
  2. Injection – Extremely likely, this would occur at altitude and would need to be injected into the exhaust gas phase of the engines cycle, or via release ports in the trailing edges of the wings and tail planes – This fits typically with a lot of photos we have seen of spraying planes, types of trails and location in relationship to the airframe.


  1. Envirotainers – I have long thought the storage mechanism is via this method, it is the most practical system available, as noted by metabunk, these aluminium aircraft containers can be secretly loaded in a hanger and pre positioned on the flight line, only a few people need be in the know . The loaded container can be hooked up inside the cargo hold, the loadmaster makes an air-hose connection and hey presto the system is ready to be deployed, either by a pilot or an attached gps system, its simple and gross weights can be accounted for and factored in.

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Following the above back to a reasonable conclusion, we could and have been saying all along that injection is most likely, given the TMA and CWT scenario played out on us by metabunks toolshop there is an obvious connection to what we have been saying, so here’s the rub and its quite clever really, knowing that there are limited feasible methods of dispersal and that we are edging closer to the Truth each day, why not hatch a plan such as this, layout evidence and then snatch it back in an instant debunk, one they can claim with all of their pathetic little hearts as their own, in one foul swoop they have (in their minds) debunked the argument and protected the delivery system from further investigation aka any argument that is put forth is null as the info was a set up and auto debunked by them, brilliant, you can hear the haughty wankers patting themselves on the back from here. In actual fact what they are doing is protecting the Truth in plain sight, making it untouchable and easily deflected (again in their minds).

The reality is that we are very close to someone coming forward and disclosing what is going on, metabunks actions prove this beyond any reasonable doubt, they are worried that their house of cards will come crashing down and they will be exposed as the liars and shills that they really are, so in a stroke of desperate genius (so they think), they set up this scam to protect what is going on from further prying eyes. In doing so they have taken a grave risk, so I suspect this will now be viciously defended and the further character assassinations of global leaders in the movement such as Max Bliss will be ramped up.

What they have not taken into account is the tenacity and persistence we will continue to commit to disclosure for the geo crime being played out above our heads every day. To any genuine whistle blowers reading this, I am sure you realize the implications of what has just occurred, yet at the same time you would have seen how Max has approached this episode, his integrity in protecting his sources and the depth of his character in how he is handling the fallout of this deception.

I encourage you to consider still coming forth with your information, to work with us and be our hero in disclosure. You know in your heart that what is happening is wrong and is affecting millions of people around the world right now, this I imagine is a terribly heavy burden and one that is causing much conflict within you. Please do not let these idiots win the day with their deceptions, they are morally reprehensible and have lost all their conscience many years ago, burnt and seared by their continual lies and the 100’s of thousands of people they have murdered via chemical trails and unchecked geo-engineering.

Yes our movement has a few quacks and some definite crazies in it, but it also has many wonderful normal genuine everyday people in it, people who have looked up and noticed something different is going on, people who just want answers to their questions and have been stonewalled, lied to and deceived by charlatans like metabunk, people who just want to protect their families and children. – Don’t let us down, please be our hero and stand up for what is right in this world, we offer as much protection and anonymity as we possibly can, you may still face some serious charges in the eyes of the law, but like those who give evidence against others you will have the benefit of that position. I for one would stand up in a court of law and give you a character reference and commendation for your honesty and courage and I know many others would too.

We are very very close to a global tipping point, geo-engineering is being pre positioned, the public is being brainwashed into accepting this as the “norm” and as the planets savior, shills, trolls, debunkers and the outright ignorant are stepping up their campaigns against us in vain attempts to discredit and hide the Truth from the mainstream. While this sad attempt from metabunk has been anti-climatic, it also has been very encouraging, we know we are closer than ever, our foes have shown just how low they will stoop to score a point and a tactical advantage, but more so they have shown us that we are on the right track with our investigation and have even pointed directly at where we must intensify enquiry.

We are just ordinary people, peaceful citizens who want answers to our questions, we are not seasoned combatants like the metabunk people, we are not paid or financed in our efforts as they are, we receive no reward for our efforts but ridicule and debasement and yet we fight on, we continue to ask the hard questions, we continue to stand up for what is right in this world. Yes we ran with this scam, why wouldn’t we?, this is exactly the type of situation we have been trying to create, of course we were always going to run with it, of course we were going to give the benefit of the doubt and risk ridicule for being wrong, why wouldn’t we?

We love this planet, it’s our only home, we have children, grand children, families, lovers and friends, why wouldn’t we fight to protect that? I, like Max and many others around the world are prepared to be spat on, laughed at, mocked, denigrated and harassed by the likes of Mick West and his buddies because we know the Truth, because we believe in what we are doing, because our consciences won’t permit us to do anything else except fight for the Truth to be told, because we love and respect our fellow man so much that we would lay down our very lives to have them wake up and join this fight.

We are not put off by fools and mockers, our inboxes are filled with your vile triads every day, we have become accustomed to the methods you use and the sting of your words is but dust to us. We will continue to fight the good fight, continue to get the word out and wake people up. One day soon we will be victorious in having this information proven in the eyes of the world and as sweet as that vindication will be, we will be back out the next day to have a ban on geo-engineering placed worldwide and see the perpetrators of this crime jailed for their corrupt deceptions, we know this is why you are fighting so hard just now, because you see we are close and you fear the consequences of your actions, you fear being sent to jail but most of all you fear us.

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”
Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi

About the author
Paul Mac is the Administrator, group leader & organiser of Melbourne Against Chemtrails & Aust/Nz Geo-Engineering Protest.

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10 Comments on “Corpus Delicti | Metabunk Scam or is it?”

  1. August 7, 2013 at 9:03 pm #

    Guys… I’ve been an aircraft engineer for 20 years and worked as a contractor for many airlines over the world, in a areas of maintenance including a supervising RAMP engineer, turning around 40-50 aircraft per day. In my time of climbing all over under & through every possible cavity (including wing & centre fuel tanks), and knowing every system, component, nut and bolt, I have never come across anything that resembles a tank and distribution system used for anything other than aircraft function. Therefore an additive to the fuel (JETA1) or a something in the water-meth system (water + Isopropol alcohol pumped into the engine compressor, to assist engine performance at take-off) are the only plausible options I can think of.

  2. enouranois
    August 7, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

    Isn’t there an obvious incompatibility between the exertions of Metabunk and those of the geoengineers to legitimate themselves? The other side does NOT appear to have a master plan.

  3. August 9, 2013 at 2:11 am #

    hahaha that link is dead…:P

  4. August 9, 2013 at 2:12 am #

    that whole thing was a CLASSIC fake…besides, did the ‘pilot’ actually disclose anything we really want to know? like, WHY?

  5. August 9, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    IF Max had researched before posting he would have found enough technical mistakes to clue him the letters were fakes. If he had researched the comments made around the web after his first posting about the mythical “HYDRA”, including your suspicious Metabunk, he would have seen that people who work with planes, like the Anonymous poster above, were calling the letter as wrong before the hoax was revealed. But he obviously did neither.

    That he was considered a “respected researcher” before this should call into question how much other information he posted based only on his confirmation bias alone. That others in turned, including this blog, heralded it as true means others within your movement also do not research. When you don’t research, don’t know how to research, and disregard the education and experience of experts in their field you will continue to post things that are not true, calling into question the credibility of just about anyone within the ranks of your belief system.

    There are over 70 years of science study available online that conclusively show anything called a “chemtrail” is behaving as a contrail is known to do. That’s a lot of information completely ignored by the movement, because you “feel” something is wrong, not because you can show or prove anything IS actually wrong. Even Rosalind Peterson has publically admitted that through ten years of research, there is NO physical evidence to support the “chemtrail” claims. When there is no evidence, there is no reason to “believe.”

    After several years of research myself, I have yet to have a believer answer these questions: How can you judge the chemical content of something miles over your head, in a picture, or a video using just your eyes? If a cloud can persist for hours, change shape and size, and move many miles, why can’t a contrail? The typical response is either complete silence or calls of “shill”, “disinfo” and “troll.” Neither response is an answer.

  6. Shaun.
    August 12, 2013 at 5:27 pm #

    I followed the story on metabunk when max bliss first revealed his “revelations” from his “whistleblower”. The members at metabunk then went about debunking the article, pointing out all the inconsistencies. The hoaxer then posted to reveal the whole hoax. This was NOT a Scam originating from Metabunk. Mick at metabunk does not support such scams since it does the debunking community no good. It was an independent scammer who wanted to highlight the lack of fact checking on max bliss’ behalf.

  7. john doe
    August 14, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    Why even bother with the metaJUNK shills?

    ONE WORD proves chemtrails: ORBS. and they can’t debunk them, dust/bugs/birds just doesn’t cut it

  8. john doe
    August 14, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    Star Bricker…

    there is NO physical evidence to support the “chemtrail” claims. When there is no evidence, there is no reason to “believe.”

    That is a LIE. ORBS


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