Weather modification, protecting our livelihoods or harming us all?

Mother Nature is a powerful force. From floods, droughts, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes, heat waves, cold snaps to the more extreme events like ice ages, Mother Nature, I.e. our planet’s eco systems and weather patterns are ever changing and have been for a millennia.

However, the ability bend the laws of nature were debatably discovered this century by Russian scientists who discovered they could force clouds to precipitate. The public has largely been in denial when it comes to such an ability. People don’t seem to realise that not only has the technology to manipulate the weather been around for decades but it is widely used by governments and agencies across the globe. Including Australian governments.

Further research is needed as many questions still remain unanswered such as has this technology been perfected? Is it safe for people and our environment? Is there any oversight by independent bodies? Why is the government so keen to keep their weather modification efforts out of the public eye? One could speculate that it’s because the results are not guaranteed and that perhaps the science behind it is flawed.

The recent floods in Queensland Australia may have actually been as a result of such geo-engineering. It was revealed that the Queensland government was in a bidding war with Ecuador over contracts to sell water to Japan. In order to win, the Bligh government spent millions on cloud seeding operations in order to increase supply to damn levels in catchment areas around South-East Queensland. However the Queensland government didn’t win the bid and we were left with dam levels around 200% capacity. The result of this weather modification was a dam release of enough water to devastate the lives of tens of thousands of families and property. Do we still need proof that weather modification is harmful?

There are three main weather manipulating techniques employed by various weather modification companies around the world. They are: Aerial Cloud Seeding, Ground Based Cloud Seeding & Ionospheric Heating (HAARP Technology. High-frequency Active Aural Research Program)

The below video shows the first type of weather modification being done. It is important to note that this isn’t a passenger plane. We know this because:- A) The plane is doing multiple runs through the sky in the same region and in various patterns that a normal passenger plane doesn’t do. B) You can clearly see the plane spraying its payload. C) The area in which the flights are being done aren’t near known flight paths or airports. What is interesting is that the flights are in the area close to the RAAF Amberley Airforce Base. It’s not known for certain that this is where the flights are originating from or that the RAAF are carrying out weather modification experiments or research.

There was also another day of spraying 2 days later. Please view below.

There are literally hundreds of these types of videos on the Internet. This is nothing new and has been documented by people like myself all over the world. So what’s the big secret? Why is the government so hesitant to talk about what the are clearly doing? The below letter was a response to a letter and information sent to Queensland Government Ministers.

Is it ignorance? Or is this a standard response in order to diffuse any discussion on the matter of weather manipulation? Perhaps they don’t want to alarm the public. After all the chemicals are harmless right? Maybe.

Here’s a list of some of the known chemicals used in cloud seeding weather manipulation techniques employed by weather modification companies around the world. Some are fairly harmless. Others have the potential to affect humans and wildlife when deployed in our biosphere.
Chemicals used (Inc. links to Material Safety Data Sheets):
Trimethyl Aluminum (TMA), Barium, Sodium Chloride (Salt), Silver Iodide, Indium Trioxide, Indium Sesquioxide, Frozen Carbon Dioxide (Dry Ice).

The next time weather modification or manipulation by governments or corporations arises in conversation please direct them here for proof and remember its not whether or not it exits or if it’s a conspiracy theory, the real questions are why are they messing with Mother Nature and what is it doing to us? Perhaps on a more sinister note, why are they doing it to us?

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