Global Geo-engineering Protest Hits Brisbane

Activists take to the streets of Brisbane among other major cities around the world to raise awareness about the dangers of geo-engineering.

By General Maddox.
Under a warm sun and ironically a naturally cloudy sky, approximately 25 Brisbanites set up camp adjacent the Treasury Casino at the top of the Queen Street Mall today. Apart from their anti-chemtrail t-shirts, banners, flyers and DVD’s one could have easily assumed that these folk were your typical ordinary Aussies.

What sets them apart from everyone else however is their lack of apathy. And thank goodness for that. If it wasn’t for the South East Queenslanders Against Chemtrails & Geo-engineering group dozens of passer-by’s would have continued on their merry way through the streets of Brisbane unaware of what’s going on in the skies above them.

The groups main objective is to raise awareness on the issue of weather modification carried out by means of geo-engineering. A term used to describe the intentional manipulation of the Earth’s climate and delicate weather systems for reasons as serious as weather warfare.

Although it would have been more impressive to see a larger number of people show their support, so long as you get through to at least one person, you can say it was a successful endeavour. Not only did I witness first hand plenty of flyers and DVD’s making it into the hands of fellow Brisbanites but there were plenty of people stopping for a friendly chat to see what all the hubbub was about. It was clear that the message was getting through.

“I only found out about chemtrails and geo-engineering just over a week ago” said Michael, a gentleman who had come by to show his support. “I was on YouTube the other night and somehow ended up clicking on one of the suggested videos”, [that YouTube has on the right hand column], “and I ended up watching the documentary ‘What in the World Are They Spraying?’. Next thing I knew I was looking on Facebook looking for groups taking part in the protest”.

Another protest was taking place in Brisbane today. A very large group of concerned Queenslanders were marching in a show of support for our Great Barrier Reef. The best part was that in a show of mutual care and consideration each group shouted out support for each others cause as they marched on by down George Street. It was refreshing to see how many of them were aware of the chemtrail/geo-engineering issue.
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What’s not so refreshing is the fact that it’s left up to independent and alternative media sites to cover events like this. It’s considered a “career ending move” for any main stream media outlets to cover a protest such as this. Hence why you won’t see any coverage on the nightly news or in the morning paper. Unless there’s Molotov cocktails or tear gas being exchanged by riot police and overreacting protestors it’s not considered news.

Reports have been coming in regarding the protests in other parts of Australia with plenty of photos and video too. Numbers have been excellent and the vibe is that more and more Aussies are going to be looking up more often and actually start to question the long white lines criss-crossed in the skies above them and why they’re lingering for hours at a time.

To get in touch with a group nearest your capital city or to even start one up please visit for more information.

Also check out my interview with Brisbane’s event organiser Matt Mc.

And here’s some images of the event in Brisbane today.

View gallery here for full size images.

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Author:General Maddox

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11 Comments on “Global Geo-engineering Protest Hits Brisbane”

  1. August 26, 2013 at 8:15 am #

    Reblogged this on TOTT News.

  2. djmskinart
    August 26, 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    Great article Mick, just listening to you now with “The General” on the podcast, great listening and great article.
    Its so brain numbing as to how many are so blind to what is above them, such as the sky.
    As we were gathered at Radacliffe Place (Brisbane Square), unfortunately there was no actual visible white plumes of shit floating over the city, but people should not be fooled as even if the lines aren’t visible, the atmosphere is absolutely loaded in particulates, tonnes and tonnes is floating in the atmosphere….. “yes people, thats the air you breathe”….. but around 2pm when i left the March, the cloud to the north of Brisbane city was showing the signs of this crap.
    Its a hard one to explain but i will give it a crack…. When you see what appears to be “natural” cloud, that is slowly getting closer to the sun, (the heat source), keep your eyes on the clouds that are getting closer. What you will see, as these particulates that are gathered amongst the cloud and of course absorbing the moisture, as they begin to heat, you will see these clouds dissolve…. “NO, IM NOT CRACKERS” 🙂 …. but on a good day, it looks like the cloud is smoking, but you will see the cloud more or less dissolve into dust or next to invisible particulates and of course, that crap must fall down and guess what people, when you breathe, you are inhaling this crap.
    Now think about yourself, your family or friends, how many of them have had a flu they cant shake, had an extremely dry mouth, raspy throat or the good ol respiratory problem???
    Not only if people just take some time to look up, also if they get under the eave of a house or find somewhere where you can look towards the sun, with cloud close by (**DONT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN, IT WILL HARM YOUR EYES**) but just block the sun, as the cloud nears the sun and is relatively thin, you will see colours, colours that show the likes of barium, strontium and christ knows what other ingredients. Even if the cloud is large, as it gets closer, the outer edge of the cloud you quite possibly will see the colours.
    And once again people, think of them colours, think of your inhalation and think of your inflamed lungs.
    How many fitness freaks out there on their bikes, out their running, are noticing they seem extremely dry or feel like they have body tremors??? MMMMMM, don’t we love barium and all the other crap that continues to fall?
    People who dont know or have never heard the words geoengineering, aerosol spraying, chemtrails, persistent chemtrails, really need to take the time and check it out for themselves. Or just take the time from one of these so called “Conspiracy Theorists” and think that they may be trying to look out for you for your best interest.
    While Main Stream Media continue to keep you in the dark, by not mentioning nothing along these lines of sky activity, even though they too and their family’s, are also sucking this crap in? How do they feel to see their own kids, their own grandparents suffer with flu like symptoms???
    With so many things in life, there is choice… choice in what you eat, what you drink, but when it comes to air you breathe, you have no choice, there is only one source of air and guess what???? ITS ABSOLUTELY POLLUTED!!!
    To all those that attended the March, not only here in Brisbane, but all those around the globe, great job.
    Those who continue to sit in the dark, continue to sit on there hands and continue to keep their eyes wide shut to REALITY, next time you get crook, just think that maybe someone had tried to warn you about this.
    Another extremely important thing, is take it extremely seriously this summer.
    Take a look at my new video, “Dummies Guide To Chemtrails”, you will see why.

    “Truth is search.
    Truth can only be found by stretching the limits of your horizon, by widening your way of thinking.”
    Dr Carmelo Lombardo

  3. djmskinart
    August 26, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    Hey Lee, mate quite possibly you are seeing a comment of mine rock up on the article you put up yesterday. Odd thing is, i had actually typed that into Micks site (Conspiracy Oz) BUT, for some odd reason, it does not seem to be accepting . Not sure whether that site is having dramas or what.

    • August 26, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

      Admin (Mick) has to approve it first before it shows up. Same as mine. But I approve everyone no matter what their argument is. Deliberate spam comments will get filtered of course.
      I’d say that’s why. He may not have gotten around to it.

  4. Mike Glynn
    August 27, 2013 at 7:40 am #

    The great weakness of this theory was accidentally revealed by Matt McInnes in that interview. Can someone ask Matt what aircraft he knows of that can lift enough chemicals into the air to form a “chemcloud” that covers 20,000 square kilometres?

    Even at a thickness of only one metre, that’s a volume of 2000000000 cubic metres.

    What density of material is required to form an optically dense cloud? Work it out for yourself. A 747 freighter can carry 120 tonnes of payload. 120 tonnes is a fraction of the weight of a cloud such as that..particularly when you consider that chemicals such as aluminium oxide weigh 4 times the weight of ice for the same volume.

    You guys need to scientifically consider those facts if you are to gain credibility.. You can’t just ignore them.

  5. Mike Glynn
    September 2, 2013 at 6:01 pm #

    No explanation? Didn’t think so…

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