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Anti-5G Community Action

With the onset of 5G activation across Australia, concerned citizens are banding together to learn more and see what can be done to halt the new technology being rolled out. By General Maddox. What exactly is 5G you ask? Well it’s the 5th Generation of wireless telecommunication technology that is on our doorstep. Somewhat literally. […]

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5G: Vaud (Switzerland) Adopts Resolution for a Moratorium

After last week’s news about Brussels putting the brakes on 5G, Switzerland’s 3rd largest canton (i.e. region) has also called for a halt to 5G, adopting a moratorium. Re-posted from TakeBackYourPower.net NOTE: A follow-up breaking article has just been posted here [see auto-translation], which leads with, “Other cantons could follow [with moratoriums] in the next […]

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Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects

By Josh del Sol Beaulieu First published at Take Back Your Power Great news. A Belgian government minister has announced that Brussels is halting its 5G plans due to health effects. The statement was made by Céline Fremault, the Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and […]

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