Revealed: 5G Tower Installer Shocking Statements

Real News Australia follower questions 5G tower technician.

By General Maddox.

[I was recently contacted with a story lead by one of my long time subscribers, whom wishes to remain anonymous, about a 5G tower technician that he spoke to. What was disclosed to him is quite shocking.

Due to the need for discretion we’ll refer to my contact as “Bill”. This is his recollection of his conversation with a man we’ll call “Irish”.]

The Rugby World Cup was recently held and what better reason to head to a pub with friends and enjoy a beer while watching some world class football. Bill found himself chatting to an Irish fellow who had sat down to watch Ireland play. As stereotypical as it sounds the Irish lad had a few beers under his belt already and was feeling rather chatty. Bill introduced himself and started a conversation during the half time break of the game. To his surprise the Irish lad was here in Australia on a work visa and was contracted by a major telecommunications company to work on the 5G tower upgrade and rollout.

As I mentioned, Bill follows the content we at Real News Australia put out on our website and social media channels. We have been covering 5G extensively and keeping an eye on the rollout across the globe which was obviously interesting enough for Bill to watch as well.

Bill took an immediate interest in what he had to say and so began to probe our Irish visitor.

He asked how he got into that line of work. “I’m actually chippy back home in Ireland and do construction work” he said. “I ended up needing to find another job as I got laid off so I responded to an ad in the paper for construction workers. When I got interviewed they asked if I was afraid of heights. Which I wasn’t as I’d done rock climbing before”.

Bill thought that was odd. “They eventually came clean and said that the job wasn’t actually a construction job as such”, said the Irish lad. Bill was again puzzled by this.

“What do you mean?”, asked Bill.

“They said it was actually to do installation and upgrading of cell towers. I said I have no experience in that at all!”

The interviewers went on to reassure him that no experience was necessary and that all training is provided. No experience in telecommunications or electrical engineering was a prerequisite. Only not being afraid of heights!

He went on to tell Bill that he was asked to sign a huge contract and non-disclosure agreement as well as liability waivers. “I didn’t read more than a couple of pages. It was like over a hundred pages long and all legal jargon” said Irish. “They said it pays $18,000 a month! So I just signed it”.

By this time Bill was flabbergasted but keen to hear more and was keen to hear about the safety side of it.

Irish went on to talk about how none of the guys doing the same job are over 30. They’re all young guys like him he said. They’re also provided with protective suits to wear while working on the transmitters on the tower but none of the guys actually do as they’re bulky and very hot to wear.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting burnt by the microwave transmitters?” Asked Bill, already knowing a bit about how they work. “Only the idiots get burnt”, said Irish.

Visibly shocked Bill pressed on. “So burns by the microwave transmitters are possible? Do they electrocute as well?”.

Still chatty from his many beers our Irish friend went on, “Yeah they’ll burn you if you’re in front of them up there. They’ll cook you. But they’re not powerful enough to electrocute you”.

The 5G tower technician went on to say that they can audibly hear the signal hum of the transmitters and that they can be “dialled up” to increase their signal strength. This makes the RF go off the charts on the readers.

Bill was aware prior to this discussion that this is actually military technology. A fact also picked up while doing the job as this was confirmed by the technician.

After being quizzed for about 10 minutes, Irish got up to go to the bar for another beer as the game was about to resume it’s second half. Bill stayed put hoping to question him some more. However, Irish went and sat somewhere else. It seemed obvious he didn’t want to continue the conversation and perhaps break his non-disclosure agreement  any more than he already had.

There’s some very interesting things to note from this conversation:

  1. Validity. 
    Could this have been completely made up? Possibly. But I am relying on my source to tell the truth as he has no reason to lie and make this up. He also wishes to remain anonymous in the article, therefore, isn’t looking for internet fame or notoriety. Irish too may have been lying. But like Bill, what would he have to gain from fabricating an entire conversation about his life and 5G technology and know so much detail? Ergo I tend to believe this information and am confident in sharing it as factual.
  2. Recruitment.
    The way Irish came into this line of work is quite strange. He responds to an ad in his local paper back in Ireland for a construction worker and then finding out the job was for 5G installation and not construction during the interview process! Very odd that a company goes about recruitment in such a manner.
  3. No experience.
    For what seems to be such a technical job the company wasn’t worried about hiring skilled workers. The speed of the 5G rollout worldwide is crazy. Telco’s around the world want this up and running ASAP. There’s an obvious shortage of skilled workers already in this line of work so they lure workers in with no experience and provide minimal training. Just enough so they know how to do it but don’t understand the technical side of it all.
  4. Contract.
    If they want the job they must sign the paperwork. This by itself isn’t very unusual but Irish was presented with a huge contract and non-disclosure agreement written in legalese. What don’t they want a tower worker disclosing? They know blokes like that won’t typically read it and will just sign it anyway.
  5. High Pay.
    The job pays $18k a month! That’s $216,000 a year! Ridiculously high for someone not skilled to do the work. Sure it’s high but even window cleaners on skyscrapers don’t get that much danger money. So it’s obviously not the height that poses the risk. It’s of course the close proximity to the carcinogenic effects of the RF exposure and other related effects.
  6. Hiring only young men.
    Irish revealed that every other person in that line of work are men in their 20’s. Is this because they not experienced enough to know better? Or that if there are any detrimental effects of the job like cancer it won’t present until they’re older? Unsure. But it’s definitely strange.
  7. Microwaves powerful enough to burn.
    Being so close to the microwave transmitters on the towers is extremely dangerous. They will literally cook you if you get in front of them. Burns do happen and the nonchalant way they go about safety is not reassuring. Knowing what they can do to you, to not wear the protective clothing is just crazy. Keeping in mind how an installer says how dangerous they are, now consider where we see these transmitters. On top of buildings, in parks, in schools, on sides of buildings and apartments pointed right at other buildings and apartments. No wonder more and more people are feeling the adverse effects of RF exposure.

Below are images from around the world of where these microwave transmitters and small cells are being placed. Some people have gone on to note the damage they are visibly doing to vegetation as seen below in images A & B as an example. Note the top of the pine tree in direct line of sight and fairly close proximity to the tower.

RF DamageAB

Images 1 to 5 show a new small cell transmitter right in the middle of a suburban street on a telegraph pole. Note the electromagnetic energy warning sign in image 5 that’s way too high for passer-by’s to read.

Small Cell Group

Cities around the world have also begun cutting down healthy, well-established trees that line city and suburban streets. Why? Could it be purely because telco’s believe the trees will obstruct 5G signals? Or is it more sinister? Perhaps to hide the fact they are shown to cause physical harm to living things? You decide.



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