GKP S4/E24 – Season Finale with Jim Lee


G’day Folks,

This is the season 4 finale and we have saved the best until last. 

You got a taste of his humour, wit, southern charm & brilliance on S4/E20… Jim Lee is back for part 2 of our discussion on weather modification, geo-engineering, chemtrails and the climate changers. 

It’s a mammoth episode with over 2 hours packed full of amazing facts on the history of weather modification and geo-engineering delivered in a way that only our guest Jim Lee can.

He’s suffered from a migrane all day but powered through to not only do the podcast with us but to do over 2 hours! So for this we thank him! He’s a legend.

We get Jim’s take on whether the recent fires and floods (floods in particular) have a possible connection to the CLARA plan for high-speed rail and smart cities in the same locations. Government scientific agencies say that weather modification doesn’t work. But that doesn’t mean corporate interest groups feel the same way.

Jim has also thought long and hard about a solution for the geo-engineering menace. Make them accountable. Spread the word on what they’re doing to modify the weather and geo-engineer our planet by way of making it mandatory that they at least have to publicly tell us. We need 100% transparency on their activities and to make whomever is doing it and signing off on it accountable for the damage it causes.

Great Barrier Reef Cloud Brightening is an experiment happening now to create shade over the GBR! Crazy. Jim talks us through these shenanigans.

Did the powers that be create hurricanes to punish the southern states in America like Ian hitting Florida recently? Again, no way to prove it but it’s possible. We love a good conspiracy theory. But Big Oil has actually done this so that hurricanes are steered away from refineries and hit other areas instead.

Jim takes us through the many ways that weather modification and geo-engineering is done. Some of these will blow your mind.

There’s literally so much info on this show i can’t write it all up but there’s a bunch of links below you must check out…


COVID-19 & Climate Change Models: Tools of Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5eD5yLKUy0

ADS-B Exchange – track aircraft live


Geo-engineering the Great Barrier Reef – Marine Cloud Brightening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEIlI2p-R5E


A solution? https://climateviewer.com/enmod/






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