Forget Tap & Pay. Tap & Display is Coming for Digital Vaccination Certificates

By General Maddox.

The campaign spearheaded by big tech and the banks to go cashless has been a huge success. Queue up behind anyone in the supermarket checkout for example and you’ll easily see the majority of people paying for their goods via the Tap & Go pay wave system.

Behind that though is the rising amount of people using their smartphones to make the payment with their credit card stored on the device.

However it does appear that it’s the younger generation who is more willing to embrace the smartphone payment technology. The inherent willingness among this generation is to utilize smartphone technology is exactly what our governments are counting on. More on that further.

Checking in to venues and places of business is the next phase in training the younger generation to utilize their smartphone once again. This was introduced by Facebook years ago to get people used to, in a sense, signing in to a location.

Now however it’s made mandatory to scan a QR code when entering a venue like a cafe, restaurant, sporting ground, etc… though there are ways around it, for now.

The conspiracy theorists were right again

It was talked about years ago that in order to move around in society in the future our governments would require some sort of digital proof that we have been fully vaccinated. A “Vaccine Passport” if you will. It was theorized that this could be a microchip implanted under the skin that would be like a pet chip. Able to be RF scanned (RFID = Radio Frequency Identification) by some authority figure waving a device over the implant to see the information stored within.

It was also theorized that our digital money would be accessed via this chip under our skin. Having to perhaps hold our hand up and wave it over a scanner to pay for goods and services.

See where this is going?

As it turns out the only minor point the conspiracy theorists got wrong was that the chip won’t be under our skin. It’s in our pocket!

Our smartphones are the system we’ve been trained for years to use. We willingly take them with us everywhere we go. It’s now a part of our culture. To our detriment of course but nonetheless they’re with us. Tied to our very identities.

This is exactly what our governments are now positioning themselves to exploit.

An article in the The Sun Herald and The Sunday Age has revealed that:

The rollout of the certificates program has gone to the federal cabinet and detailed discussions were held in the cabinet about the project 10 days ago.

The goal is to have all Australians Tap & Display their COVID-19 Vaccination status when required to do so.

Australians will be able to tap and display COVID-19 “proof of vaccination” certificates on their phones or carry hard copies with them under plans being finalised by the Morrison government ahead of the rollout of vaccines later this month.

No Jab – No Play was just the beginning. You were warned years ago that when that rolled out it wouldn’t be the end of it.

No Jab – No School | No Jab – No Job | No Jab – No Fly | No Jab – No Pay

All of these ideas have been floated by government bodies, industries and groups targeting the public to make vaccines mandatory.

This whole program took a giant leap forward recently with the Morrison Government aiming to rollout the digital infrastructure behind all of these initiatives.

Medicare and MyGov will be tied directly to your vaccination status. That way any government benefits you’re entitled to now will only be granted if you’re jabbed.

Coercing the public and putting them between a rock and a hard jab.

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Author:General Maddox

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