Samoan Measles Outbreak. What‘s Really Going On?

Fear, propaganda, misinformation, omission of facts and the Hegelian Dialectic are very powerful tools of control often deployed to serve an agenda. We are seeing their use right now on the people of Samoa.

By General Maddox.

The Samoan landscape is as beautiful as its people. I had spent nearly two weeks on the island nation a few years ago, in particular the island of Savai’i, the less developed of the two main islands.

Beautiful beaches and lush green hills as far as the eye can see. A similar view here in Australia would set you back a small fortune, but in Samoa the coastal villages are full of people who still live a very simple life. They’re not wealthy and many still live in traditional fales (“Far-lays” = homes).

Many of the islanders have improperly balanced diets and suffer from obesity and other diseases caused by malnourishment and nutritional deficiencies. Poverty is high with the average median salary approximately $3529 Tala. To give it some perspective $1WST will buy you $0.55AUD at today’s exchange rate.

A timeline of coincidence?

Back in 2018, there was a horrible tragedy in Samoa when two infants died after receiving an MMR vaccine. It was reported that the nurses had incorrectly mixed the MMR shot with a muscle relaxant, instead of water, leading to their deaths. The nurses plead guilty to manslaughter and are serving jail sentences now. The Samoan government also temporarily suspended the country’s vaccination program after the tragedy.

This incident, it is claimed, is the reason why Samoans became fearful of vaccines, in particular the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine, which subsequently lead to a decline in vaccination rates to on only 31%.

Fast forward to April 2019

The MMR vaccine was officially relaunched by the Samoan Government in April 2019. Uptake was understandably very low due to the infant deaths the year prior and parents were largely unwilling to subject their children to the risk of the same medical errors harming or killing their children again.

Fast forward to October 2019

UNICEF delivered a total of 115,500 doses of measles vaccines to Samoa on October 1st. The same shipment contained syringes and safety boxes as well as supplies of Vitamin A.

Fast forward to November 2019

As of November 28, 2019 SAMOA has now confirmed 42 measles-related fatalities. Since the launch of the measles re-vaccination campaign in mid-November, the Samoan Ministry of Health has vaccinated more than 50,000 individuals in both Upolu and Savai’i. New Zealand responded to earlier requests from Samoa for medical supplies, and for pharmaceutical refrigerators which are essential to preserving the efficacy of vaccines.

The facts

Are we to believe that there is zero correlation between the massive vaccination campaign and the outbreak of the measles?

Anyone with a shred of common sense can see the connection. It’s simply not just a coincidence and the timeline fits. They knew then it was not the wild measles virus but instead the vaccine strain.

A combination of poor nutrition and lack of vitamin A and C in many of the nations poor communities have lead to the death of approximately 62 children under 15 years of age. These deaths are simply labelled “Measles Related”. The government of Samoa refuses to release information as to whether the children died before or after vaccination.

Why? What have they got to hide by not releasing these crucial pieces of information?

Could it be because the Samoan government is engaged in a cover-up? Quite possibly. Is also feasible that the vaccine manufacturers don’t want it known that their product is harming and killing people. Especially since they just got their revenue stream up and running again after the nations immunization program was halted last year. Imagine the loss in sales.

Tracking the outbreak

The Samoan government has been kind enough to release a track record of statistics of the outbreak daily. And if we are to believe those figures they paint quite a telling picture. A picture that no mainstream media outlet is showing. No, they’d simply rather blame anti-vaxxers for the outbreak.

Here’s a few of spreadsheets available on the Government of Samoa Facebook page starting at their first one. And remember, as the days go by hundreds and thousands of people are vaccinated across the nation. What’s also interesting to note is the omission of data. Notably three figures:

1. How many of the deceased were vaccinated

2. How many of the stated measles cases were also vaccinated.

3. What strain of the virus do these people have? Vaccine strain or wild measles strains?

Again it would paint this so-called outbreak in a much different light if those figures were displayed.

1. November 22nd, 2019. 1 week after the declared outbreak. Also note that the Samoan Government stated that routine laboratory measles testing is no longer recommended! Why? Because the numbers might show a much lower number.

2. November 23rd, 2019. They now add another column showing cases presented in last 24 hour period.

3. November 25th, 2019. No reason as to why they didn’t post the data from the day before.

4. November 26th, 2019.

5. November 27th, 2019.

6. November 28th, 2019.

7. November 29th, 2019.

8. November 30th, 2019. Keep in mind now that it was stated over 80,000 people out of Samoa’s total population of just under 200,000 have been vaccinated at this point.

9. December 1st, 2019. UNICEF delivers an additional 50,000 vaccines to Samoa.

10. December 2nd, 2019. Over 90,000 Samoans have been vaccinated. Of that, 58,150 since the mass vaccination campaign started.

11. December 3rd, 2019.

12. December 4th, 2019. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi does media stunt to show he too is getting vaccinated despite already having gone to villages a week ago to visit the sick people in the hardest hit epidemic areas.

13. December 5th, 2019. Mass Door-to-Door Vaccination two day campaign begins.

14. December 6th, 2019. Day two of the Door-to-Door campaign where villages are encouraged to display a red flag out the front of their home if they’re not yet vaccinated and anti-vaxxers are continued to be blamed for the outbreak.

15. December 7th, 2019. Approximately 89% of population who can be vaccinated is now vaccinated.

16. December 8th, 2019.

17. December 9th, 2019. Approximately 90% of all eligible people in Samoa have been vaccinated against measles. The estimated vaccination coverage in both Upolu and Savai’i are:

  • 85% of the targeted infants and children aged 6 months to 4 years old
  • 96% of the targeted children aged 5 to 19 years old
  • 105% of the targeted women aged 20 to 35 years old
  • 86% of the targeted remaining population in Samoa

*Above stats as per Government of Samoa press release.

What can we expect to come?

Of course there’s no way to see the future but we can hypothesize as to what we can expect in the coming days and months.

Given what we’ve seen from all of the data above the total number of measles cases is approximately 2.5% of the total population of Samoa since the relaunch of the nations immunization program. A figure that has been steadily climbing and by all accounts will continue to rise.

During the period of the cessation of the immunization program there was NO measles outbreak. The Samoan Ministry of Health’s Director General also went on the record to state that fact back in September this year.

As we have demonstrated above, the recommencement of the immunization program in the early weeks of October this year appears to have lead to the current outbreak. We will only know for sure if the vaccine serotype is released and laboratory testing is resumed on the infected to see if it matches the D8 Strain genotype of the measles virus.

Next year it appears, the Samoan people will have some of their rights taken away with the introduction of mandatory vaccination for all children across the nation in order to attend any school.

According to Press Secretary Nanai Taofiga Laveitiga Tuiletufuga;

By January 2020, there should be a legislative mandate in place requiring all children to be vaccinated before they are allowed to attend school. And the compulsory requirement will apply to all schools which include public, church and private schools.

The directive was approved by Cabinet this week with the Office of the Attorney General tasked to draft legislations to this effect to be tabled in the next Parliament session scheduled for December.

It appears we’re also seeing the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem-Reaction-Solution in play as well. But was it the Samoan Government or Big Pharma making the play all along?

My money is on Big Pharma.

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Author:General Maddox

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7 Comments on “Samoan Measles Outbreak. What‘s Really Going On?”

  1. December 10, 2019 at 12:19 pm #

    Spot on! Big Pharma without a doubt!

    Every time I hear about this outbreak on the news, I complain to my husband that they NEVER say whether those who have measles, or those who have died, had been vaccinated. My bet is that most of them had been, and the evidence provided above suggests I’m right.

    Pure evil at play!

  2. December 10, 2019 at 4:48 pm #

    Recently saw this post on Facebook. Very share worthy.

    Okay, my friends. The time has come. MEASLES IN SAMOA. Buckle your seatbelts.

    For those that don’t know, I have personal connections to Samoa. I spent 3 weeks there this August and September with my grandfather, who founded the first English speaking LDS congregation in Apia, Western Samoa, in 1956. He’s been going back there regularly since that time, for over 60 years now, and is fluent in Samoan and is well versed in the Fa’a Samoa, the Samoan Way.

    I fell in love with Samoa. Those weeks were so precious. I love the people and the language and the Samoan Way. If you go back on my Facebook timeline to August and September you can find many of my stories and thoughts and experiences there and you will see: I love Samoa so much.

    So this measles event has been something I have been following very closely.

    When I was out there with my grandpa not 12 weeks ago, the measles fearmongering was already going on in earnest in every newspaper.

    Last year, two Samoan babies died on the table immediately during their MMR shot. This led to a widespread panic and people understandably stopped jabbing their infants. Compliance dropped from about 70% to about 30% in about a year.

    So for several days while I was there, the newspaper had front page stories about how decreasing rates of measles vaccination were going to lead to a major outbreak and everyone was at high risk of dying, etc. Of people over the age of 2, compliance was still 70%+, so they were really talking about the under-2 cohort that was considered undervaccinated.

    As of today, those numbers are obviously no longer true, since they are going door to door and force-vaccinating literally everyone regardless of age or previous vaccination status (meaning: already got the MMR? Well now you get it again). So the vaccination rate now is much, much higher–which should theoretically be lowering the death rate. But instead the death rate is rising.

    The official story line of the two shots that instantly killed kids on the table, by the way, was that the nurses administering the vaccine had mixed the vaccine with some sort of anesthetic or something before injecting it and THAT was what killed the kids.

    A reader commented: “MMR is a vaccine that must be diluted, can you edit your post accordingly? There should be 2 ppl at all times overseeing & administering vaccines. All goals are to be checked prior to drawing up the vaccine and again before administering the vaccine.

    MMR administration instructions:

    Single Dose Vial — First withdraw the entire volume of diluent into the syringe to be used for reconstitution. Inject all the diluent in the syringe into the vial of lyophilized vaccine, and agitate to mix thoroughly. If the lyophilized vaccine cannot be dissolved, discard.”

    The official storyline on those nurses was that it was an accident that they mixed the wrong thing, I believe.

    Anyway, if you’re following the news there, you know that now over 50 people have died of “unconfirmed” measles cases. They are not lab testing the presenting infections. They have lab tested a few but by and large they are not testing: they are assuming.

    When I checked a few nights ago, it was up to 1700+ measles cases, which again they are no longer lab-testing. And they did not ever say if this was a wild strain of measles–and when it comes to vaccine propaganda, if they don’t gleefully clarify that it was the nasty horrid wild strain of measles, you can be pretty sure they are just omitting the fact that it is vaccine-strain measles. But regardless, they are no longer lab testing.

    Here are my major thoughts about this situation.

    1. GIVING MEASLES TO PREVENT MEASLES The MMR is what is called a “live virus” vaccine. This means that the virus inside the shot is currently alive. The point of the shot is to actually intentionally INFECT the recipient with the living measles virus, on purpose, with the idea being that the subsequent measles infection it will cause will be gentler than a wild measles infection, so you can become immune to the measles with a milder infection than normal.

    The recently revised package insert for the MMR no longer includes a warning for people to stay away from the immunocompromised after injection due to the possibility of shedding.

    But shedding is real. I love this case study:

    Here we see that a recently vaccinated child ended up shedding vaccine-strain measles virus in his urine, and having a “measles-like” rash. Hilariously, the authors note how hard it can be to differentiate measles from “measles-like rashes” post-vaccination.

    Newsflash: your contagious “measles-like rash” post-live virus measles vaccination IS MEASLES.

    In the package insert, you can see that “atypical measles” is listed as a side effect (right above, yes, DIABETES! Awesome!!). Atypical measles = vaccine strain measles, aka “measles like” symptoms which are transmissible through things like urine.

    They are injecting all the people there with live measles viruses, and for some of those people, that live measles virus is going to lead to a remarkably “measles-like” rash which is contagious. So this is just going to perpetuate measles cases.


    As we toured Samoa, my grandpa would only ever stop to let us use the restroom in Westerner-approved resorts. Sometimes he would say, “If only Samoa took as much pride in its bathrooms as Japan.”

    I spent my time in the Independent State of Samoa, not American Samoa. The consensus among the Samoans I asked about this was that American Samoa was WAY behind the Independent State of Samoa in terms of development.

    At the government tourism building, the main cultural center for all of Samoa, they obviously have a bathroom there for all the visiting tourists who have come to learn about the culture of Samoa.

    In this bathroom, here is what there was NOT:

    – toilet paper
    – soap of any kind
    – paper towels or anything to dry your hands on.

    So basically in the number one government-sponsored tourist attraction in the capital city of the Independent State of Samoa, if you want to go to the bathroom, you are going to have some residues from that activity on some part of you because there is no way to wipe and your hands are NOT going to be clean after that, unless you bring your own hand sanitizer, which fortunately I did. But still: yuck.

    I never wrote a major post about menstruation in Samoa, but I was going to because I had the privilege of experiencing just that experience. Fortunately I personally use a silicon cup and cloth pads and I came prepared so I was fine, but Western style menstrual pads and tampons are expensive and if you don’t live in a city, you’re not going to find them. I actually only found pads in one single store out of all the ones I went to in all of Samoa.

    My grandma says that most women just use coconut fibers. I cannot imagine that is very hygienic. I have no idea what they do with the waste from that (Burn it? Compost it? Throw it in the ocean? Leave it as litter? Drop it in an outhouse?).

    But here is the deal: in the government building there was no soap in the bathrooms.

    In the international airport: same story.

    In the remote villages we visited, the outhouses were outside and I did NOT see sinks.

    So I’m not thinking that hand washing is a really big thing among much of the population.

    This is one reason why infectious disease would be both more contagious there and more deadly there than in other places: people aren’t washing their hands to the same extent that a typical American might hope for or expect.

    So we are injecting people with live measles viruses that are creating “measles like symptoms” which are contagious through urine and fecal matter in a population that at least in some of the rural villages are still using sinkless outhouses for their personal hygiene needs. It should be clear that this is a recipe for disaster.


    There have been zero measles deaths in the US in decades (although dozens of reported MMR-related deaths according to VAERS).

    Measles is just not deadly in populations where there is proper nutrition and sanitation.

    We hopefully already established that sanitation is perhaps not Samoa’s strongest suit, but let’s talk about nutrition.

    Malnutrition is still a serious problem in Samoa and children can and do die from it still.

    Diabetes is a huge problem there: it is the second leading cause of death.

    The basic diet, as my grandpa explained it to me and as I personally observed, is high in coconut, breadfruit, banana (basically: starchy tropical fruits) and now it is getting higher in cheap processed foods from China.

    At the average grocery store, at least among the maybe dozen we went to on Upolu, there are lots of breads and ramen noodles, and very few fresh vegetables.

    Measles is particularly nasty for people who are deficient in vitamin A. I was going to delve deep with this but this post is already getting way too long. So here is a recap:

    Measles can be deadly if you are low in vitamin A, and measles is easily treatable with vitamin A. Here is the World Health Organization’s conclusions on vitamin A treatment for measles. Just TWO DAYS of administering water-based vitamin A to measles sufferers leads to an 82% reduction in mortality:

    Here is a list of the best food-based sources of vitamin A:

    Please notice how most of those foods are not really part of the Samoan diet at all. Papaya, guava, and mango are, but you’d have to eat a LOT of them every day to get the kind of vitamin A sufficiency you’d need for a really successful battle with measles.

    In societies where we eat foods high in vitamin A, measles is not a big deal, as shown in these clips from the Brady Bunch and the Flintstones and the Donna Reed Show, in which getting measles is the punchline of the jokes: In the developed world, measles is “kid stuff,” as the measles guy in the Donna Reed show laments, embarrassed.

    In societies where vitamin A is not regularly consumed, measles can be a much bigger deal and can be deadly.

    Right now, in Samoa, those using vitamin A to treat measles are being actively demonized and even reported to the police. And actually, I wrote that sentence a few days ago while working on this post. Today, this very day, those using vitamin A to treat measles have been arrested.

    There is a huge social and now governmental push AGAINST proven, World Health Organization-approved measles treatments.

    EDIT: here is the newspaper article where the PM said that the MMR is the “only cure” for measles:


    Maybe you have read about how they had to throw out 26,000 vaccines intended for use in Samoa due to improper refrigeration.

    This news did not surprise me one bit.

    And what would REALLY not surprise me is if many, many of those being force-vaccinated right now are being force-vaccinated with similarly improperly stored and unsafe shots that nobody bothered to throw out.

    Refrigeration is hard to come by in Samoa. It is really just a whole different world out there. If you are thinking Samoa is kind of similar to any neighborhood you’ve been to America, you’re just wrong. It is not the same at all. It is not surprising to me that there is trouble there storing vaccines properly. I do wonder how many of the deaths of the “partially vaccinated” are actually due in part to being injected with unsafe cocktails of aborted baby DNA, formaldehyde, and aluminum that wasn’t even stored properly.


    There are reports of people getting vaccinated, and then within days coming down with SEVERE measles. Because they have ceased all lab testing, they cannot say it is not the vaccine-strain ( It is my opinion that they must start serotyping the measles strains because if they are suffering from the vaccine-strain, that should be a huge hint that this nationwide campaign is creating the opposite of its alleged intent.

    I have read posts from people currently in Samoa dealing with this crisis where they express confusion at the deadliness of this strain of measles, which seems unlike previous measles infections they have seen before. An interesting note from those on the ground.

    Here are some thoughts on that from Dr. Jim Meehan:

    Here are my TL;DR thoughts on the Samoa measles outbreak:

    1. These people need vitamins and sanitation and hand washing encouragement, not toxic shots.

    2. We need to be doing the lab tests to confirm if this is or is not the vaccine strain of measles. If it is the vaccine strain, maybe someone should rethink force-vaccinating the entire population at the point of a gun.

  3. Nathan Bedford
    December 13, 2019 at 1:09 pm #

    I find it criminal the straight up lies the media has peddled regarding Edwin Tamasese.
    His children are vaccinated and he was documenting in his diaries the details of those getting vaccinated.
    His observation was clearly showing the vaccine was causing serious problems and death for Samoan people, especially children.
    He says it is because the vaccine has been designed for those with a better diet and more robust constitution.
    Fact. Edwin Tamasese merely questioned the MMR vaccines use on Samoan people. He is not antivax in the slightest.
    I predict that once the vaccinations come to an end we will see a decline in cases and deaths.
    The Pharmaceutical sales men called Government will declare the virtues and success of the MMR vaccine, but beggars the question, Did the incidences merely decline because vaccinations came to an end?
    I am inclined to believe the latter from the evidence.

  4. Danny
    December 17, 2019 at 10:51 am #

    This world is run by psychopaths/ mad lunatics (via proxy).

    Nano bots can also be secretly put in their dangerous vaccines, as well as GMO’s etc.

  5. Lyn McAllister
    December 18, 2019 at 8:12 pm #

    Hi Guys

    Love your passion and I’m right there with you.

    Chatham House

    Check out their donors, members and sponsors gaaaah

    here is one link that’ll make you go hmmmm :



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