Pick and Choose: The Climageddon Bandwagon

New studies and scientific investigations will always be done and will reveal new information that may contradict the current paradigm. But will anyone be listening?

By General Maddox.

The governments of the world, thanks to the U.N., have made climate alarmism the new fad. You will struggle to find one that doesn’t toe the party line of “We’re all going to die because of Climate Change!” We are constantly bombarded about how we need to stop climate change and take action on climate change. Billions of tax payer funds are thrown at things like “Sustainability” and “Climate Change” and “Green Initiatives”.

While it’s all well and good that we should cut down our wasteful ways and stop poisoning the planet, and in turn ourselves, but calling Carbon Dioxide the boogeyman is just plain stupid and blaming humans for too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is plain anti-human.

The alarmists claim that Carbon Dioxide is warming the planet which will cause catastrophic weather events and in turn destroy us all. Movements like the Extinction Rebellion in Australia are wreaking havoc on major cities to try and get this false narrative across. They claim that governments aren’t listening and aren’t acting on Climate Change.

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Tom Howell told the ABC it was a citizen’s duty to rebel.

“We cannot be ignored,” he said.

“People are uncomfortable with disrupting other people’s lives, but it is the best option we have left to get people talking about the climate emergency, to get the Government responding to it and to kind of make the economy pay attention to it, because if people can’t go to work then the economy can suffer.

“Every other form of dissidence has failed.

“We’ve had our petitions, we’ve had marches, the Government is not representing the people.”

Firstly, if you’re going to make that claim, BE SPECIFIC! You don’t mean climate change. You mean man-made climate change. Or, anthropogenic climate change. Because that’s the basis of your argument. Simply saying climate change is asinine. The climate always has and always will change. There is no “Climate Emergency”.

Secondly, governments around Australia are spending (wasting) incredible amounts of money on mitigating the fictitious (man-made) climate change. It’s now built into their budgets. But apparently it’s not enough to these protesters.

What is their argument based on?

The reports from the IPCC.

Land is already under growing human pressure and climate change is adding to these pressures. At the same time, keeping global warming to well below 2ºC can be achieved only by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors including land and food, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states in its latest report.

The U.N. with its hidden Depopulation Agenda is always labeling humans as the problem. They declare that global warming can only be stopped by reducing greenhouse gas from all sectors.

However the findings from a new peer-reviewed scientific study contradicts this narrative and shows that “anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice“.

This study provides an opportunity to rethink the impact of clouds on climate. When galactic cosmic rays increase, so do low clouds, and when cosmic rays decrease clouds do as well, so climate warming may be caused by an opposite-umbrella effect. The umbrella effect caused by galactic cosmic rays is important when thinking about current global warming as well as the warm period of the medieval era.

They discovered,

“During the last hundred years the temperature increased about 0.1°C because of carbon dioxide. The human contribution was about 0.01°C.”

The following is a massive bombshell. Scientists at Finland’s Turku University conducted the study and had this statement.

We have proven that the GCM-models used in IPCC report AR5 cannot compute correctly the natural component included in the observed global temperature. The reason is that the models fail to derive the influences of low cloud cover fraction on the global temperature. A too small natural component results in a too large portion for the contribution of the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. That is why 6 J. KAUPPINEN AND P. MALMI IPCC represents the climate sensitivity more than one order of magnitude larger than our sensitivity 0.24°C. Because the anthropogenic portion in the increased CO2 is less than 10 %, we have practically no anthropogenic climate change. The low clouds control mainly the global temperature.

Read it for yourself here.

So have any of these environmental protest movements taken the time to consider this new information? It appears not. Picking and choosing only the information that supports their position is the order of the day.

Instead of considering this new study they have doubled down on their stance and chosen to ignore any new information presented that counters their paradigm of imminent climageddon.

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Author:General Maddox

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