Your Birth Certificate is Your Incorporated Identity 

Below is a post by Sue Maynes from The Commonwealth of Australia Facebook page where research is posted about the theft of our civil and political rights and rights of equity.

[Editor’s note: I made some minor grammatical and typographical changes. Emphasis added too].

A lot of you are having trouble with where the Record of Live Birth (RLB) and the Birth Certificate (BC), fit in. I will try and explain and will use the name John William Smith for the example.

You are born live. That is the first important clue.  

Your parents register the event of your birth. Not you personally, but the event. Why? Because it has massive commercial implications.

1. They (Your parents) benefit from the government in the form of medical care, subsidies, etc.

2. The community benefits in the form of infrastructure, schooling, etc.

3. Shops benefit in the form of the necessities you, the new baby, required.

You get the picture.

The government give to your parents the Birth Certificate, which the parents use to establish that you are the required age for whatever is occuring, for example, to establish your school age, etc.

So each of the documents has a specific use.
1. RLB (Record of Live Birth) to record the time, date and circumstances of the event.
2. BC (Birth Certificate) to validate date and time.

Now, you are born without a name. You are called by the name of Billy, Rob, Jimmy, John etc – but that is only what you are called by your parents.

The RLB that your parents fill out records your name as John William. You may be from the family of Smith – but the document only records you as Robert James.

The BC documents the full title – John William Smith, usually written as SMITH or JOHN WILLIAM SMITH. (Note the use of Capital Letters)

So you have the possibility of 3 sets of names.
1. That which you are called,
2. That which your parents give you,
3. That which government gives you.

As a living child, you live daily with the name you are called by. In the schooling & medical system you are referred to by the BC name. At no time during your early years, does the RLB name get used. It is like it is completely forgotten and you only have those 2 names.  

So because you use the BC name for all commerce as you are growing up, you use a name given to you on paper only. Not by your birth parents but by the government, so the government is then your de facto parent in essence, because you answer to the name it gave you.

You grow up and begin to act in commerce for yourself. What name do you use? The BC one – that being the one you have been trained to use.  

You get a bank account in the BC name. 
You get a car licence in the BC name.
You buy a car in the BC name.
You go to university or college in the BC name.
You get married in the BC name.
You buy land and a house in the BC name.
Etc, etc…

Who then is doing all those things?

The Birth Certificate name!

Is that you? No. Does it belong to you? No. So who then owns everything? You John or the BC name?

Clearly the BC name does. But who owns the BC name? Government!

So who ultimately owns the purchases? You guessed it. 

So what is John doing? He’s buying everything, borrowing money, working to pay them off, on behalf of the government.

Now you may dispute that strongly, so let’s move on.

You believe you own your land and property because it is in your name. (Well, clearly it is not)

Along comes government and tells you to get permission to do something on that which you believe you own. Tells you to pay to get permission what is more, on something you believe you own.  

Does an owner have to obey government on that which they hold ownership? No.

Along comes government and tells you to pay taxes for the right to use that land and property.

Does an owner have to pay to use that which they hold ownership of? No.

So if the land & house are;
1. Purchased in a name that is not yours in fact, 
2. A name which does not belong to you in fact, 
3. Land which you have to pay to use 
4. Land you must ask permission with payment to do something to.

That does not sound like ownership to me. In fact, it sounds like you are simply using / renting / leasing land & a house from the real owner.

And that is how government sees it too.

But I have the deeds people say to me. Do you? Or do you have a Certificate of Title – which is NOT proof of ownership, but proof that you hold some personal contract in regard that house & land.

And that applies to every commercial contract you have entered using the BC name.  

Because YOU state that YOU are the BC name, however, you are not, and because YOU state that YOU own the assets held in the BC name, and you do not, you are acting in Usufruct.

Meaning you have exclusive use of that which belongs to another and must pay ALL the bills that the name gathers.

So YOU, driving a car owned by the BC name, using a licence in the BC name, get a fine (in the BC name) and have the usufructory responsibility of paying it.  

“But I have free right of travel on the king’s highway”, shouts John. You did John, but you were pretending to be John when you got caught, so seeing as how John was not in charge and you were, you can pay the bill.

Get the picture? Everything you do using the BC name is your responsibility. That is why the courts must make you agree to be the BC name, so the responsibility is accepted and all that is left is payment of the bill.

“But I told them I was not the BC name and they railroaded me anyway!”

Do you use a bank account in the BC name? Yes.
And you have a driver’s licence in the BC name? Yes.
And you are trying to get them to believe you are not the BC name?
Come on!!

Now that is all bad enough folks, but it gets worse.

Many of you will have heard that the BC is a bond, a share certificate. Many folk will have been mocked for believing that.

Well it is.

It starts at a base amount at the point the BC is issued & securitized, has interest attached calculated yearly, matures in 30 years.

Uh oh.

As does every commercial activity you enter into that uses the BC name. Different rates of interest, but of great value on the futures market.

What? I get fined, pay the rates, yet I am being used to create investment collatoral???

No, you are not.  

The BC does not belong to you, so the government are quite within their rights to value that document, invest it, claim against it, borrow against it, etc. It “belongs” to them.

But – and this is the huge but.

YOU give it the action that creates the value.  

It was the EVENT of your birth that created the first BC, it is the event of your using the BC in some capacity that creates the new share investment.

Can you stop giving it future value? Yes.


1. You can die.
2. You can stop acting in commerce and own absolutely nothing – which means you cannot even go on the dole as that generates a bond.


Or you can change the whole game. How?

Well, the bond is created from your actions, so it NEEDS you. It has no financial “life” without you.

At the present, it appears to “belong” to the Austalian Government, who use that future return to borrow heavily.

If they relied on gold and silver alone, they would have restricted the borrowing to that collatoral and would probably have completely bound the growth of the country.

By making YOU the collatoral for borrowing through the generation of a bond attached to your use of the BC name the borrowing, in fractional reserve banking terms, is unlimited. All it takes is another commercial action being generated, then another, then another…..

And I believe those commercial transactions must be generated through the massive corporations, so to my way of thinking, encouraging everyone to use a card to purchase, fits the picture of linking your commercial actions using the BC name, straight back through the bank account, to the share market securitization of the new purchase or payment. And fits the picture of the incorporation of the commercial and financial community, even to the use of local charity group purchasing.

And YOU can’t complain because YOU are using what does not belong to you in those actions.

You all know I believe this country is being administered under martial law for some reason.  

When you get the fine and complain, YOU are being belligerant. YOU are acting in dispute and trying to tell the government lies by saying YOU are not the BC name and therefore responsible for the fine.

They know YOU are not the BC name, but YOU have been telling everyone you were in commerce and benefiting from the use – have you not?  

So how do YOU get back to being the Naked Owner where YOU no longer carry the responsibility for the BC name’s debts?

Well, exactly what in all this DO you own?

You own the action and can gift the benefit of that action to whomever you want.  

This is what Sam and I did.

We sent a gift to the Commonwealth.  

We instructed the Commonwealth to gather ALL the interests in the BC name, that WE generated, attach those interests to the RLB name and then we gifted the RLB to the Commonwealth.

Do you understand that?

We gathered ALL the interests in the BC name – the bonds, derivatives, futures, etc, etc – because they ALL emanate from our original event of birth – we ordered that they be returned to that which caused their creation – that being the original Record of Live Birth – and we gave the rights to all the Interest to a body of OUR choice – that being the Commonwealth.

In essence, we gifted, to our Commonwealth, a massive portfolio. 


Because, they now have permission to benefit massively from any action we undertake in the future and they can then pay the bills.  

The Title is now Perfected.

We no longer use the BC name in Usufruct, instead we are the executors for the estate held in the RLB. All our actions benefit that estate, which in turn benefits the Commonwealth – so they pay the bills.

We no longer claim to own anything in the name, we simply act as the action to create the wealth for the name. No further dispute necessary in any capacity. 

And that good friends – brings peace.

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5 Comments on “Your Birth Certificate is Your Incorporated Identity ”

  1. Chris K
    March 4, 2015 at 11:11 pm #

    If I get this right, you have removed all the rights (social security etc) given to your BC name and given away all the value of anything your RLB name now has to the Commonwealth (the corporation owned by the crown -the Queen.) For this the Commonwealth pays the costs (as your no longer under Usufruct)
    If this has worked, you no longer get rates bills? You no longer have to pay for your drivers license? The Commonwealth picks up the tab? I doubt it.
    In fact, I would guess in actual terms of change, nothing has occured at all.
    You still don’t own anything under your BC or RBL names and you still pay all the bills.
    I’m glad you get peace of mind from this but I don’t see why.
    If you are forced into a contractual agreement that has no benefit to you, it should be null and void. Particularly if you were under age when this agreement was created. So if someone isssued you a Birth Certificate before you could read (which I’m betting they did), someone in control of your interests (your parents maybe) agreed to it.
    Perhaps the answer is to prove the contract wasn’t in your interests and blame your parents for agreeing to it. They do the same to their parents or the Commonwealth if they moved to Australia and were forced to agree to this as part of citizenship.
    At the very least, if you’re used as a valued commodity to be traded upon, then you should get dividends (which should offset, nullify or return a payment above your taxation liability)
    In my book, Australia needs to seperate entirely from the corporation of the Commonwealth, reclaim all assets (like crown land) as ours and set up an agreement where the government of Australia becomes its own corporation with every citizen a share holding, voting and dividend recieving individual.

    • March 5, 2015 at 8:47 am #

      Good points. With your permission id like to post this comment on the original authors Facebook post. Please let me know if that’s ok.

      • Chris K
        March 5, 2015 at 8:35 pm #

        Anything I post as a comment anywhere on the web is in the public domain and free to be transmitted, copied, stored and used without any need to reference me as the author. I waive all rights. Thanks for asking.

  2. Rick Murphy
    March 5, 2015 at 6:03 pm #

    I am really keen to somehow obtain instruction on how to gather ALL the interests in the BC name – the bonds, derivatives, futures, etc, etc. Can you help at all?

    • March 6, 2015 at 10:14 am #

      Hi Rick. Please click on the link at the top of the article and join the Facebook group hosted by the original author of this info. That’s where I’d start. I’m in that group too.

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