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Latest Podcast Episode Available Now

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 2! Ethan and Andy join me to go over a whole host of topics including: The Trump COVID-19 saga and we dive deep into what it really could mean and the hidden messages to do with it. The UK’s addition to the Track and Trace […]

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MSM Downplays Trump Inauguration 

Democratic heartland of D.C. shows huge turnout in support of their new Republican leader. By General Maddox. The media has been doing its best to downplay Trumps popularity as the new US president. The narrative was in place before he was elected and it continues even now.  It certainly does appear that attendance was higher […]

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Trump Is In – Globalist Puppets Are Out 

Donald Trump is the new President elect and will take office next year. But what will it mean for the US and Australia? By General Maddox. (RealNewsAustralia.com) OK I admit it, my money was on Clinton being (s)elected America’s next top President in this carnival sideshow style US election. Could it be that Assange’s Wikileaks […]

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