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Track and Trace: DNA Harvested from Coronavirus Tests to be Kept for “National Security” – UK Parliament

The so-called “conspiracy theorists” were right again. The government DOES want to keep your DNA from the Coronavirus tests. By General Maddox. In a shocking move that defies belief the UK parliament has quietly passed legislation that allows the government to retain not only DNA harvested from Coronavirus testing but fingerprints as well. The Coronavirus […]

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Track and Trace: Embedded Microchips and Facial Recognition

Queensland has taken another step towards a dystopian technocratic future with the implementation of new microchip technologies, facial recognition and the merger of said data to Federal agencies. By General Maddox. It doesn’t seem that long ago when Queenslanders carried around a simple laminated driver’s license. First introduced in 1986 as an upgrade to plain […]

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Track and Trace: COVID-19 Used as Catalyst for Draconian Spying Measures

The willing acceptance by the public to allow big tech to spy on you and divulge your location data to government agencies, health authorities and police agencies around the world is a continuation of the Track and Trace agenda. By General Maddox. As the weeks go by in the age of virus hysteria we begin […]

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