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UN to Weigh in on Queensland Youth Crime Laws

Is the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem – Reaction – Solution being used against Queenslanders again? By General Maddox.  (Real News Australia) A recent article in The Guardian discusses how Queensland’s over zealous Attorney General, Jarrod Bleijie, plans to overhaul and introduce new youth crime laws in a way the Queensland Law Society (QLS) describes as […]

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Queensland Party Crackdown Out of Control

By Chris Berg. For all the absurdities of Queensland’s anti-bikie legislation, its bill cracking down on parties is probably worse, writes Chris Berg. Every government has a reform program of some description. The reform program of Campbell Newman’s Queensland government is to expand, to a ludicrous and dangerous extent, the powers of the police. Admittedly, […]

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The Case Against Fluoride

By General Maddox If a fertiliser company or aluminium smelting company dumps it in the ocean it’s considered toxic waste and an environmental hazard. Dump it in a lake, the same applies. Dump it in a river, creek or stream and again the EPA will have you prosecuted for environmental vandalism. However, if your government […]

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