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Pro-vax Argument Lost Me When They Couldn’t Answer These Questions

Originally posted by JournalistUnleashed.com I often get asked, why so many f**king posts about vaccines??? Believe it or not 3 years ago I was the one arguing in favour of vaccines. I even ran a promotion for one of my businesses where for every new social media fan I paid to have a child in […]

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8 Questions to Handle a Pro-Vax Assault

By Becky Hastings http://www.dailymed.online It might be a neighbor, a relative, or a casual acquaintance. It might even be your pediatrician or other health care provider. They make some outrageous or attacking comment about how the non-vaccinated (they usually say Unvaccinated, but it’s not possible to “un” vaccinate a person, so I prefer the term […]

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