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The Price of Fear

Op-Ed piece. By Maia Regler (via Facebook) It has been at the forefront of every person’s minds, it’s everywhere, you can’t escape it, it’s there from the moment they wake. The daily onslaught of updated information and restrictions on this ever developing situation. I’ve seen family tearing one another to shreds, suspicion, mistrust, accusations, and […]

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China’s Cunning Way to Stop Protests

Where’s the Deadly “Pandemic”? By Jeffrey Hodges http://www.no-tolls.org I’m flabbergasted at the media beat-up about the corona virus – did you know even real estate agents are now asking tenants to declare if they have been to China recently!!  Really …. give me a break! Whenever a ‘virus’ is mentioned, suddenly there go all our rights and freedoms.  […]

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