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Queensland Party Crackdown Out of Control

By Chris Berg. For all the absurdities of Queensland’s anti-bikie legislation, its bill cracking down on parties is probably worse, writes Chris Berg. Every government has a reform program of some description. The reform program of Campbell Newman’s Queensland government is to expand, to a ludicrous and dangerous extent, the powers of the police. Admittedly, […]

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The Psychological State of the State

Societal Stockholm Syndrome – How the psychopathic nature of the nanny state came to nurture our state of mind. By General Maddox. http://www.RealNewsAustralia.com With the election over, apart from a few squabbling electorates demanding recounts, Australia’s two-party system has continued to devolve to resemble a mongrel mix of zealous nanny state paternalism and oligopolistc corporatocracy. […]

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Young LNP Says NO to the Nanny State. Bring Back Guy Fawkes Night

Remember remember the fifth of November.  By General Maddox. The Young LNP has made a motion to bring back “cracker night” or better known as “Guy Fawkes night” and is being backed by the LNP Conference. Guy Fawkes night was cancelled and subsequently banned in Queensland back in the 1970’s due to a string of […]

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