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The Secrets of the Lindt Cafe

By Bob Ellis http://www.independentaustralia.net The rate at which we’re learning things about the Lindt Cafe fire-fight is among the slowest in modern history. We don’t know yet whose bullets, or stun grenades, killed Katrina Dawson. We don’t know yet whose weaponry wounded four others. We don’t know the others’ names. We don’t know why there […]

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Sydney Terrorist Stand-off Ends In Gun Fire

At approx 2:10am local time police storm the Lindt cafe when the terrorist was spooked while releasing one of the hostages. It would seem that by reports of what happened the police may have made a critical error while attempting to subdue the offender. No doubt this will be down played by authorities and the […]

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Problem – Reaction – Solution & the Sydney Terrorist Incident Connection

By General Maddox (Real News Australia) There’s one thing governments, government agencies or particular groups or members within adhere to. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Recently Australian government intelligence agencies such as ASIO & ASIS have been pushing for greater powers when it comes to spying, intelligence gathering and yes, even torture. […]

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