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Defeat the Bail-In | Pass Glass-Steagall to Bankrupt City of London, Wall Street

By Citizens Electoral Council http://cecaust.com.au Aug/Sept/Oct Newsletter Since the end of the fixed exchange rate Bretton Woods financial system in 1971, the world has increasingly been dominated by a criminal conglomerate centred in the City of London and its Wall Street appendage. In hundreds of court cases in various nations over the last decade alone, […]

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Riddle Me This…What does Batman: Dark Knight Rises, Aurora Colorado Shooting and Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting have in common?

LIBOR. That’s what. LIBOR – the London Interbank Offered Rate – is a series of interest rates determined by a handful of representatives from the biggest banks in London. The rates are what the banks would charge other banks to borrow on different loan categories, which determines the global flow of billions of dollars and […]

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