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RNA talks to Jason Woodforth 

We recently interviewed a good friend of Real News Australia, Jason Woodforth and talked vaccination, cannabis, fluoride and much more.  By General Maddox. Jason is now a member and spokesperson for the new Health Australia Party. What makes HAP different to all the other political parties?  Well, watch for yourself and find out. You won’t […]

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Trials for Medicinal Cannabis in Australia on the Horizon?

By General Maddox. (RealNewsAustralia) There’s a lot of buzz of late regarding one of the worlds most controversial plants. Hemp, Marijuana, Pot, Cannabis… we know plenty of names it goes by but what many of us don’t know is that there’s a whole host of suppressed information about this plant that has the potential to […]

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News Ltd targets MP Jason Woodforth…again

News Ltd’s Sunday Mail produces another hit piece targeting local Brisbane MP for Nudgee and his stance on water fluoridation By General Maddox. In what can only be described as a poor attempt for a hit-piece, the Sunday Mail has again lashed out at Jason Woodforth, MP for the Brisbane electorate of Nudgee. On page […]

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