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Full Spectrum Surveillance A.K.A Census 2016

In this age of technology, information is everything. Our governments tell us they need our data in order to better govern (enslave?) us. Admittedly our information will serve a purpose. Our statistics will allow specific functions within the government to be carried out as needed. But will those functions creep across to serve other more […]

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Big Tobacco Uses Big Brother Tactics

Tobacco company uses Freedom Of Information Act to acquire data on Australian youth.  The Australian government has fallen victim to its own Big Brother agenda. Thousands of Victorian school children and teenagers took part in a government funded survey which was used to gauge attitudes towards smoking and alcohol. A survey which promised to remain […]

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The Age of Information

An Op-Ed piece by RNA follower Scotty Bootz I find it really refreshing these days to hear, that quite often, the subjects of conversations at work, amongst people from all walks of life, are about controversial topics, such as the NWO, UFO’s, GMO’s, Chemtrails, conspiracies, ghosts, and even SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION! In fact, I’m finding it […]

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