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The Real “Big 4” Now Own Our Big Health Too

By General Maddox December 2014 saw the sell off of one of the Australian Governments biggest revenue streams. Medibank Private, the government owned health fund was sold off by Abbott to his mates in the huge finance world. Many of whom finance the LNP. No longer does Australia own its own health fund. Medibank Private […]

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Bank Run Fears: Customers Being Forced to Provide Evidence For Why They Need Cash

By Mac Slavo SHTFplan.com In early 2013 the country of Cyprus locked down private banking accounts and restricted access to depositor funds. It was the first widely documented instance of a “bail-in,” as bank officials and European regulators determined that bad loans taken on by the banks were now the responsibility of the banks’ customers. […]

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Has HSBC Just Started the Countdown to the Next Crash?

The fuse for the next global financial meltdown may have just been lit. By General Maddox. A recent article published August 3, 2013 by the Mail Online, reveals some interesting, albeit unassuming, information regarding the situation of global finances. In what seems like a very strange move by one of the worlds biggest banks, HSBC […]

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