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“Bail-In” | The British Crown’s Plot for Global Genocide

By Citizens Electoral Council http://cecaust.com.au Aug/Sept/Oct Newsletter Fight Bankers’ Plan to Steel Your Deposits! The Citizens Electoral Council has blown the cover off an international plot to sneak Cyprus-style “bail-in” legislation through the Australian parliament, so that bankers can steal money from your bank account, to prop up banks proclaimed “Too-Big-To-Fail”. The TBTF banks, also […]

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Defeat the Bail-In | Pass Glass-Steagall to Bankrupt City of London, Wall Street

By Citizens Electoral Council http://cecaust.com.au Aug/Sept/Oct Newsletter Since the end of the fixed exchange rate Bretton Woods financial system in 1971, the world has increasingly been dominated by a criminal conglomerate centred in the City of London and its Wall Street appendage. In hundreds of court cases in various nations over the last decade alone, […]

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Rudd, G20 and Bank ‘Bail-ins’

The real reason Rudd delayed the election? To plot stealing our deposits at G20 summit. By Craig Isherwood, CEC National Secretary. Kevin Rudd delayed the election so he can attend the G20 summit in St Petersburg, to discuss the progress on implementing a global so-called “bail-in” regime, which the G20 is overseeing through the Bank […]

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