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DHS/FEMA earthquake false flag exercise to coincide with U.S. default.

By Paul Kincaid Presscore The DHS/FEMA and the Washington Military Department (WMD) will conduct a Massive Earthquake Drill on Oct. 17, 2013 – the date the U.S. defaults if Congress doesn’t raise its debt limit. A staged military exercise called “The Great Washington ShakeOut”, will be executed in the heart of the nation’s capitol, on […]

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Event Horizon

By General Maddox. There’s definitely something in the air. Whatever it is it’s close. Big spending before the shutdown, training of foreign peacekeepers on U.S. soil, planned drills for major disasters, debt ceiling being reached, stockpiling of emergency food and supplies… And that’s just a sample. Ask yourself, does a government normally go through all […]

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