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The 3 Ugly Sisters – Paving The Way For Australia’s Collapse

By Carol-Ann Edwards. Contributing writer for Real News Australia. This is a tale of 3 Ugly Sisters being woven into our lives to create an economic crisis greater than the Great Depression. Each ugly sister has a role to foster the crisis and then use it to advantage thereby changing our lives dramatically. The 3 […]

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Why is CommBank still hiding its derivatives bets?

By Craig Isherwood National Secretary http://www.cecaust.com.au For the second year in a row CBA is hiding its true financial position from the Australian public. The bank’s 2013 Annual Report, like its 2012 edition, fails to disclose the multi-trillion-dollar face value of its betting in off-balance-sheet derivatives. CBA happily discloses “fair value”, because it is a […]

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