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Logan City Council Against Free Speech. Bans Vaxxed.

Logan City Council just south of Brisbane has banned the film Vaxxed from showing at any of their Council run venues.  By General Maddox. (RealNewsAustralia.com) The Murdoch run mainstream media outlet The Daily Telegraph ran yet another pro-vax hit piece on November 26 this time trying to deliver their own brand of propaganda straight into readers […]

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Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph Propaganda Machine Running Overtime

“Refusing to vaccinate is akin to child abuse” – Yes, they really did say that! By General Maddox. Another so called “Journalist” from the Daily Telegraph, a Murdoch propaganda rag, has written a deplorable story attacking parents who support freedom of choice when it comes to vaccination.  This time instead of calling parents “baby killers” […]

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Propaganda Fail! Another Murdoch Poll Backfires

Rupert Murdoch owned Daily Telegraph continues to push their Pro-Vaccine, Pro-GMO & Pro-Fluoride agenda and is failing miserably.  By General Maddox.  Back in April 2015 the Terrible Telegraph, better known as Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily Telegraph, published an article titled: Galaxy Poll: 86% of Australians want childhood vaccinations to be compulsory. Within the article the […]

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