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Zombie Fears for G20 in Brisbane 2014

By General Maddox. In the lead up to the G20 being hosted in my home town of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, we see yet again just how much influential power the independent privately run group known as the G20 wield. An annual fundraising event called the “Zombie Walk” aims to raise funds for the Brain Foundation […]

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Courier-Mail Hit-piece Fails to Leave Mark on Anti-Fluoride MP Jason Woodforth

By General Maddox Anti-water fluoridation advocate, Jason Woodforth MP for Nudgee in Queensland, was recently a target of the Courier-Mail. In my recent phone interview with Mr Woodforth, he agreed the hit-piece was very biased and furthered to distort the public’s perception of water fluoridation. See the article by the Courier-Mail here. Trending in the […]

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