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The 3 Ugly Sisters – Paving The Way For Australia’s Collapse

By Carol-Ann Edwards. Contributing writer for Real News Australia. This is a tale of 3 Ugly Sisters being woven into our lives to create an economic crisis greater than the Great Depression. Each ugly sister has a role to foster the crisis and then use it to advantage thereby changing our lives dramatically. The 3 […]

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Event Horizon

By General Maddox. There’s definitely something in the air. Whatever it is it’s close. Big spending before the shutdown, training of foreign peacekeepers on U.S. soil, planned drills for major disasters, debt ceiling being reached, stockpiling of emergency food and supplies… And that’s just a sample. Ask yourself, does a government normally go through all […]

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Cyprus bank insolvency crisis quickly escalating; may set off EU bankageddon

(NaturalNews) As you may have suspected, there’s far more to the Cyprus bank crisis story than meets the eye. It turns out the shutdown of Cypriot banks has caused a large-scale financial shutdown of the Russian government which uses Cyprus banks for most transactions. On top of that, the EU central bank (ECB) has now […]

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Does America & the world need to be shocked into seeing what’s just down the road?


Gray State

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