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The Silencing of Climate Change Dissent

By Brightspark NewsMediaTruth PART I: A REFLECTION The politics of climate change hit me square in the face last week. BOOM! Right between the eyes. And I really wasn’t expecting it. I know that whenever I blog about climate change it makes people uncomfortable and defensive. It’s a given. All those good people truly believing they are doing […]

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Climate Change Pushers Want Nukes In Australia

By General Maddox. Here is yet another example of the Hegelian Dialectic in use. We have the man made problem of so called “climate change” cropping up again. The public are now very receptive and well trained through years of media manipulation and propaganda and react in the way they’re expected to. An expert in […]

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CO2 myth busted: Why we need more carbon dioxide to grow food and forests

(NaturalNews) If you talk to the global warming crowd, carbon dioxide — CO2 — is the enemy of mankind. Any and all creation of CO2 is bad for the planet, we’re told, and its production must be strictly limited in order to save the world. But what if that wasn’t true? What if CO2 were […]

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