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DFAT Quietly Shutdowns TPP Public Meeting

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade returns to secrecy over the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations. By Carol-Ann Edwards Contributing writer for Real News Australia. Four days ago DFAT announced a public information session much to the amazement of those who are closely following the TPP. However, as of Wednesday October 30, DFAT has quietly […]

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Google Now Deleting Cached Pages of Controversial Facts From CDC Website

http://preventdisease.com/news/13/072913_Google-Now-Deleting-Cached-Pages-of-Controversial-Facts-From-CDC-Website.shtml Criticism of Google has widely been known for misuse and manipulation of search results including censorship of information and content, but wiping out the google cache of controversial pages takes it to another level. It’s no longer safe to post any link from google cache thinking it will be there at anytime in the […]

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